Content Warning: This article contains discussion of suicide.

Great documentary Three identical strangers It tells the story of triplets separated at birth who meet by chance many years later, but where are the siblings now, following the events of the film? Directed by Tim Wardle, the 2018 documentary features the same trio of Edward Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran using archival footage, interviews and reenactments. As the film progresses, it is revealed that a sociological experiment was involved in their separation.


Three identical strangers presents increasingly unbelievable stories. The trio became a media sensation and their story became even more remarkable with the revelation that their breakup was no accident. They were part of a scientific study of nature and nurture. The siblings were among several sets of siblings separated at adoption to look at the effects of socioeconomic upbringing on a person’s personality and future prospects. Although the experiment is officially over, the lasting effects still reverberate and where the brothers are now can be seen as a direct result of their early life playing with dolls.

Where is Robert Shafran now?

Robert Shafran three identical strangers

Three identical strangers Robert Shafran discovers that he was sent to live with an upper-middle-class family as a baby. This was one of the main parameters of a study conducted by psychiatrists Peter B. Neubauer and Viola W. Bernard, who themselves were supervised by the Jewish Guardian Council. Neubauer and Bernard specifically assigned triplets to families of different economic levels. Robert received what might be considered the “best” situation of all his brothers, at least in terms of the stability of his home life. He and the three brothers started to find each other.

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Unbeknownst to either of them, one fall, Robert entered the same college that his brother Edward Gallant had attended the year before. After being greeted like an old friend on his first day on campus, Robert runs into one of Edward’s classmates and eventually realizes that the man with Edward’s face is not Edward. Robert eventually meets Edward and realizes how much they have in common. Then their story caught the attention of a third brother, David Kellman, and they were all reunited. Three identical strangers After the trio learns that they have similar taste in cigarettes, women, sports and more.

Since the events were documented Three identical strangers, Robert returned to anonymity. He now lives in Brooklyn, married with two children. He’s a lawyer, but put his workload on hold after a motorcycle accident in 2011 (via). Tab). However, in 2018, a documentary raised interest in their story, and Robert and David considered working as public speakers and participating in commercial opportunities together. The pair have appeared on a number of daytime talk shows since the documentary and may be ready to delve further into their messy past.

Where is David Kellman now?

David Kellman

Although Robert and Edward are the first of the triplets to meet each other, David discovers that they are the lost siblings who make the group a trio. Once all three brothers are introduced, it becomes clear how similar they all are. Although David came from a blue-collar family, the lowest socio-economic class of the triplets, he had the same mannerisms, tastes and interests as the others. In fact, the trio eventually decided to open a restaurant together and ran it for many years, as seen in the picture. Three identical strangers.

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The friendship between the trio was not always perfect. David and Robert’s relationship became strained at some point between the closing of the restaurant and the filming of the documentary. However, the couple managed to restore their relationship and now spend time together and play golf. David has two children and works in the insurance industry in New Jersey, where he lives. According to DiversityBen Stiller is set to appear in a miniseries adaptation of the film Three identical strangers And David and Robert could lend their experience and expertise to the production.

What happened to Edward Galland

The brothers have three identical strangers in their restaurant

The first half Three identical strangers Everything that happens between these three brothers seems to be a matter of luck and is just an incredible story of chance and coincidence. However, this part of the film is only a blanket to cover the dark and cruel reason of their breakup which is explored in the second half. The biggest victim of this terrible social experiment was Edward. After the triplets find each other, they discover that they were all participants in a scientific study conducted by doctors Peter B. Neubauer and Viola W. Bernard. The triplets and their adoptive parents were completely unaware of this.

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At first, the families went to the adoption agency Louise Wiese, who claimed that it was almost impossible to give triplets and that the children would have to be separated, at that time psychologists were interested in scientific research. However, this was not true at all. As Three identical strangers gradually reveals that Neubauer and Bernard purposefully assigned triplets, as well as multiple co-twins, to different socioeconomic families to conduct a longitudinal study (following an individual over a long period of time). This is a common type of research in academia, but it should only be done on willing participants.

subjects Three identical strangers has lived with mental health issues throughout his life. Tragically, Edward committed suicide in 1995 at the age of 33. There is no doubt that his forced separation and subsequent disclosure was deeply psychologically destabilizing for the man. The results of the experiment were never made public, and those involved in its operation never spoke about it. Edward’s life has changed seismically since his birth, but finding his brothers and learning the true story of his upbringing before he dies feels like he’s at least had some closure.