Manchester City celebrates another Premier League championship, but their season is not over yet, as they are also aiming for the FA Cup and FA Cup. Champions League success.

Here, the PA news agency looks at its plans for the coming weeks.

How is it going to be Pep Guardiola Are they approaching their last two Premier League games?

With the Premier League title race over, City can relax for the remaining two league games – Brighton and Brentford away – before turning their attention to their two finals.

The dead tire lineup against Chelsea on Sunday, when manager Guardiola put most of his big guns on the bench, showed he was intent on easing the burden of the star names. But there is also a need to keep players sharp and prevent rusting.

There may be a clue to his thoughts in the line-ups of his two Premier League games just before the Champions League semi-final first leg against Real Madrid. In these matches against West Ham and Leeds, Guardiola gave his starting 11 against Madrid but only one – Erling Haaland – started both. We can see a similar approach, with half of the first favored side starting the first game and the other half starting the second game.

Are there any injury concerns?

City had a good season in terms of squad condition with relatively few injuries. Defense Nathan Ake currently the only player on the sidelines with a hamstring problem.

The Dutch international had a good season, but time is running out. He may need to move against Brighton or Brentford to have a chance to start against. Manchester United At Wembley or Inter Milan in Istanbul.

How will City approach the final?

It’s obviously hard to predict, but it’s remarkable that Guardiola picked the same side for City’s three biggest games in recent weeks: a tough game against Arsenal in the Premier League and two games against Real Madrid.

With the phenomenal levels of performance in these games, it looks like he’s found his ideal big match 11. There may be room for deviations in the FA Cup – for example, Stefan Ortega was the regular starting goalkeeper for the local cup and Riyad Mahrez’s semi-final hat-trick could earn him another round – but the Istanbul side at least looks like it was drawn with a pencil. .

Can Manchester United stop City’s triple win?

United fans may see their team as the best way to prevent City from emulating their famous 1999 trio. City will be the firm favorites to win both finals, but Manchester derbies can be unpredictable.

City beat their neighbors 6-3 in October but United took revenge when they faced each other again at Old Trafford in January. There was some controversy over United’s equalizer in their 2-1 win, but the Red Devils have proven they can compete with City on a given day.

City, of course, have made their strides since then and United’s mid-season offense has slowed, but Erik ten Hag’s team may shine in a one-off.

Is Inter a threat to City?

After beating Madrid in the previous round, City seems destined to win the Champions League this season. It’s hard to see Inter, currently the fourth best team in Serie A, include them.

Still, the Italians are strong defensively and pose a threat through the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez and City’s former forward Edin Dzeko, so they may have a chance to throw a punch.