Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Season 4 of Succession!

Successionof The big presidential race is finally here, and here’s what happened Succession Season 4, episode 8 marks the end of the series. It’s not the main story, but it’s a lot Succession Seasons 3 and 4 focused on the all-important presidential race between Republican candidate Jerid Menken and Democratic candidate Daniel Jimenez, and the election is finally over. The election results were already controversial Succession Season 4 Episode 8 and they’ll definitely be playing for the rest of the show, so here’s Succession‘s new president may affect the end of season 4.


Succession Season 4, Episode 8 is out now, continuing many of the interesting storylines the series has already established. Season 4 has been an explosive season so far, with all kinds of big twists and revelations including death of Succession the antagonist is Logan Roy. Despite this, the Roy sisters continued to pay close attention to the presidential election, with various employees of Waystar Royco divided between the two fictional candidates. Episode 8 takes place on election night, with the Roy brothers trying to run ATN as their different ideological and personal beliefs collide.

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Is Mencken really president? What about the missing votes in Wisconsin?

Justin Kirk as Jerid Menken in season 4

Although it’s a close race, Republican presidential candidate Jerid Mencken looks set to become president by the end of the year. Succession Season 4, Episode 8. According to how ATN called the race, Jerryd Mencken defeated Daniel Jimenez by a few votes to put him in the White House. However, ATN was the first network to call the race in Mencken’s favor, and it may have been Mencken’s downfall. Pollsters Tom and Waystar Royco were hesitant to call the race too early in Mencken’s favor, but after they jumped the gun, other news organizations followed suit. However, there is one problem: Wisconsin.

as disclosed in Succession Season 4 Episode 8 A polling place in Wisconsin catches fire on election night, burning an unknown number of ballots. Because of how the remaining electoral votes fell, Wisconsin turned out to be the deciding factor Succession‘s presidential race. ATN decided to call the contest in Menken’s favor because the state was red at the time. However, the burned ballots in Wisconsin were colored blue, which was believed to flip the state and give Jimenez the presidency. So while Mencken appears to be the president for now, that could change depending on how Wisconsin’s missing votes are counted.

Mencken as president is great for Roman and Conor Roy

Roman, Connor, Shiv, and Kendall talk at Connor's wedding, Season 4, Episode 3.

Jerryd Menken is conflicted between being president Succession‘s main characters, but it’s great for Roman and Connor Roy. Roman worked closely with Mencken throughout Succession In Season 4, Roy Jr. wants his son Menken to win for one reason: the GoJo contract. Mencken promised Roman that he would block the GoJo deal if he was elected president. This means that Roman will remain the CEO of Waystar Royco, a position that is one of Roman’s sole motivators.

Likewise, Mencken’s presidency is great for Conor. Because of Connor’s libertarian beliefs, his ideological alignment is closer to Mencken’s conservative politics than to Jimenez’s liberal politics. In addition, Connor made a deal with Mencken that if he missed the race, Mencken could get Connor a government job overseas. Mencken’s win means he’ll have more power to do so, which will further enhance Conor’s nepotism deal.

Mencken as President is bad for Shiv, Matsson and America

Lukas Matsson is on Season 4 of The Succession

On the other hand, having Mencken as president is bad for Shiv, Matsson, and the United States as a whole. Shiv and Lukas Matsson really worked to make the GoJo deal happen. However, with Mencken’s promise to block the deal, that probably won’t happen anymore. Matsson is CEO of GoJo, and Shiv has put all his eggs in GoJo’s basket, meaning both are in for a rude awakening when the government blocks the merger.

But the bigger issue is that Mencken’s presidency is bad for America. Even Mencken’s supporters point out that Mencken is so fascist, some worry that he could be the end of democracy. Mencken is, of course, a far-right politician, with some of his supporters resorting to violence all the time. Succession Season 4, Episode 8. How much weight is unknown Succession Explores the damage Mencken has done to the United States, but it is sure to be devastating.

Is Menken being president good or bad for Kendall? It’s complicated

Kendall Roy talks Living+ in Succession Season 4 Episode 6

Although many Succession‘s other main characters had very strong opinions about the presidential race, Kendall was more conflicted. On the one hand, Kendall is ideologically incompatible with Mencken. While Kendall is certainly a conservative, he is more of a centrist than a far-right presidential candidate. On top of that, Kendall found out that a Mencken supporter pushed his daughter in the previous episode. Kendall worries that a Mencken presidency could lead to more violence against her family, making her even more hesitant to support the Republican nominee.

Kendall, on the other hand, has Menken tendencies for similar reasons to her brother. Kendall really wants to stop the GoJo deal and she knows Mencken will do it. Because of this, Kendall chooses to support ATN, who calls the race for Mencken, even though he may end up regretting it. Succession. The plot of the elections showed that Kendall remains one of them Successions most complex characters, his reaction to the election may play a big role SuccessionThe latest episodes of.

What does real life reveal about Mencken’s election as president?

Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy in Season 4 of Succession

Succession’s presidential election has many obvious parallels to real life, with Mencken’s presidency a clear allegory for Donald Trump’s presidency. Like Trump, Mencken’s far-right positions and rhetoric have created a devoted, radical, and violent following. However, Mencken also takes a lot of cues from how figures on the right have reacted to the political landscape in the wake of Trump’s presidency. Menken’s demeanor and demeanor are somewhat reserved, but still openly far-right, making him similar to Ron DeSantis or Richard Spencer. Although Succession Always political, Episode 8 was the most obvious.

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