Cult of the Lamb allows you to give gifts to your followers to keep them loyal. A long follower whose loyalty has increased to a high level will not only provide more resources, but also provide larger bonuses if when they are sacrificed!

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Common gifts can increase a follower’s overall loyalty, but the ultimate gifts – the five types of necklaces available in the game – will also grant the recipient a share of your power. Choosing the right cultists to receive these gifts can help your Pack thrive for generations.

Updated May 17, 2023 by Matt Arnold: The Relics Of The Old Faith free addon has doubled the number of necklaces you can gift to your followers! We’ve added them all to this list, so scroll down to see how the new gifts stack up.

This list contains post-game spoilers.



10 Light necklace / Dark necklace

a follower who wears a dark necklace is offered as a sacrifice of flesh in the cult of the lamb

These two necklaces can be obtained in exchange for God’s Tears after completing the main storyline. While the other gifts on this list have tangible benefits, the Light Necklace and Dark Necklace are easter eggs.

If a follower wearing one of these necklaces is offered during a flesh-sacrifice ritual, you will immediately hire one of Narinder’s bodyguards, which you fought on the eve of the final boss battle. The The light necklace is gaining Baalwhile The Dark Necklace is being recruited by Aim. Apart from their unique appearance, they are standard followers in every way.

9 Feather necklace

spider with speed effect

A follower wearing a feather necklace will move faster around the village. This allows them to perform their duties more efficiently and also reduces the time they need for thoughts such as eating, sleeping and using the premises. This is a very minor bonus compared to the other gifts, but the Feather Necklace does nothing in your inventory, so you can give it away a recruit without any outstanding features.

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Feather necklaces can help improve the effectiveness of a poorly planned village, so if you’re not happy with your building placement, speeding up a few followers is a quick fix. It also allows the owner get back to work sooner if you have to pull them aside to heal or imprison them.

8 Demon Necklace

a follower of the Cult of the Lamb with the Demon Necklace becomes possessed.

The Summoning Circle is a late-game building that lets you have followers, temporarily turning them into demons that will provide buffs during your next Crusade. A Demon’s power is directly related to the level of the possessed follower, so having high-level followers can give you significant advantages in combat.

A follower in a demonic necklace becomes a more powerful demon than their level allows. This means you can leave your high level followers at home to work and worship without sacrificing combat effectiveness!

7 Flower necklace

bug with faith buff

On paper, a flower necklace is a useful piece of equipment. Carrier more likely to generate Devotion while praying in the temple, allowing you to unlock buildings much faster. Give it to the sectarian with True Property to get the desired boost to your total loyalty income.

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A flower necklace will do most of the work, unless you’re going to camp near the Harvest Temple. while you’re on a crusade. Crusades usually take enough time for your shrine to reach maximum power before you return, leaving idle followers with nothing to do until you return. For this reason, a flower necklace is best when you cannot assign many followers to perform duties in the templeperhaps after a plague or other calamity.

If the follower dies of old age, disease, starvation, assassination, or exhaustion, you can take their necklace back after preparing the body for burial. This will result in a small faith penalty, but you will be able to transfer the necklace to someone else. By burying the follower with their necklace, the survivors remain happy, but lose the item forever.

Followers who ascended, were sacrificed, or were killed in combat cannot claim their necklaces.

6 Missionary necklace

the missionary waves goodbye as they set off on their journey to worship the lamb

The mission building lets you send followers on a journey to resource search. It’s an inexpensive way to keep your inventory full, though you risk losing a Follower every time you send one out—the lands of the Old Faith are dangerous, after all.

A follower with a missionary necklace returns more supplies and there is less likely to die when going on a mission. A follower of level five or higher with this necklace is guaranteed to survive almost any journey!

5 Necklace of loyalty

the lamb gives the rhinoceros devotee a necklace of allegiance in the cult of the lamb

As the name suggests, the Loyalty Necklace makes the wearer gain loyalty faster. Whenever a follower receives loyalty, whether through sermons, rituals, blessings, or any other source, he will get twenty-five percent more than usual.

A loyalty necklace is a great way level up a new follower quicklyor promote a senior subscriber to a higher level. This is especially useful after the game when you need it donate followers of a certain level to unlock advanced Crusades.

4 Moon necklace

the cult of the lamb inspires the dance

The faithful never tire, at least the Lamb wanted the flock to believe. The truth is, your followers still need to sleep every night, and they will be exhausted if they are prevented from doing so. They also become moody if their sleep is interrupted or they are not sufficiently adjusted, potentially leading to discord among the cultists.

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A follower wearing a moon necklace no need to sleep anymore, and will continue to perform their assigned duties throughout the night while the rest of the cultists sleep. This allows you to produce more resources in general and save on sleeping quarters. Avoid giving a moon necklace a Sloth Follower because they produce fifteen percent less resources and you won’t get the most out of your precious gift.

Followers with a Moon Necklace can still be exhausted after receiving them in the Demon Summoning Circle. If this happens, tell them to sleep until they recoveras they will not do this on their own and may eventually die.

3 Necklace of nature

Natural Necklace Harvest Bonus

A follower who wears this leafy ornament will be to procure more material resources while chopping firewood, quarrying stone or harvesting crops. This makes the Nature’s Necklace a great versatile gift. Usually, the best way to use Nature’s Necklace is to give it to a dedicated farmer, as the extra seeds can be used to expand your farm, and advanced crops like beets are hard to come by.

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Nature’s Necklace only affects collected resources, so will not affect refinery productivity if the owner is willing to work there. For best results, place an advocacy speaker near the user’s workstation. They will work faster and produce more!

2 Skull necklace

fox with life extension

High-level followers are extremely valuable, but by the time they reach the higher echelons of loyalty, they’re likely about to enter old age and leave the workforce. A necklace with a skull gives the owner an unnaturally long life, doubling the lifespan of the Follower. This means that they will not enter old age for a very long time, and will continue to level up for a long time with the Cult.

When you’re lucky enough to come across a skull necklace, give it to your youngest follower if they have decent features. This ensures that the owner will be with your Flock for most of the game. When you unlock the correct doctrines, consider assigning the wearer of the skull necklace as a tax collector or loyalty officer to get the most out of them.

1 Gold skull necklace

lamb, tax collector and follower who wears a golden skull necklace in the Cult of the Lamb

Only the most devoted followers are worthy of the Golden Skull. The Lamb promises eternity to the faithful, and with this gift you can fulfill that promise. A follower wearing a golden skull necklace becomes Immortal, and will never enter old age and die a natural death. But they can still starve, get sick, or be sacrificed – the Lamb gives and the Lamb takes away.

There is a necklace with a golden skull best saved for a Follower with surprisingly good traits. Those who are able to passively generate Faith, or who work more efficiently than the rest of the Pack without having any negative traits, should be considered the ultimate blessing.

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