Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

Keith Gray, staff writer

Best Gen 9 Pokémon Design: Tandemus
Image: Nintendo Life

The entire Tandemaus range. I’m obsessed. These are two mice, and their evolution consists of two mice and babies. This is not evolution, this is biology..

They also look so adorably goofy, with their empty little eyes and their expressionless little faces, and I love any kind of round Pokémon.

Also, the honorable mention of Dudunsparce for the same reasons is just such a stupid design idea. “Dunspars, but not only”. Love it.

Best Gen 9 Pokemon Design: Dudunsparce
Image: Nintendo Life

I’m excited to see how Pokémon designers take weirder ideas and use them, like convergent evolution and all things Tandemaus. I wish they didn’t supplement the Pokedex with Pokemon that I’ve already seen from previous generations.

Alana Haig, staff writer

I’m picking a couple of more recent Pokemon that stand out as favorites for me at the moment – sorry for Fuekoko’s evolution, Skeledirge, for his awesome Gaudí-style coffin design and bird flames on the mic…thing.

Best Gen 9 Pokemon Design: Glimmona
Image: Nintendo Life

Glimmora is quickly becoming my favorite Paldea Pokémon, and part of that is due to its design. This is a type of stone/poison that is likely based on copper sulfate, a toxic compound that is made up of blue crystals. But it’s a really beautiful take on it – Glimmora looks like a crystallized flower, and while she floats in bullet shape most of the time, sometimes she hangs on walls facing forward. It’s a really simple, elegant design that I’ve become attached to.

Best Gen 9 Pokemon Design: Tatsugiri
Image: Nintendo Life

Hello Tatsugiri, which is the most fun dragon-type Pokemon concept. Ever. Sushi fish? With three different options? It’s so stupid, but I still love it. Of course, I have all three forms, but I think Droopy is my favorite.

Gen 9 doesn’t have the same memorable set of new “mons” as Galar did, but a lot of its mid and end evolutions are pretty darn cool, and I think the simplicity of many of the new Pokemon wins in some ways.

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

Best Gen 9 Pokemon Design: Charcadet
Image: Nintendo Life

Okay, look, there’s only one acceptable answer to this question, and that’s Sharkade. The little thing is simple So charming, but somehow exudes a wonderful power. In short, Sharkadet would be the perfect fire-starting Pokemon if we didn’t already have Fuekoko.

In fact, I’m almost hesitant to take the appropriate steps to develop Charcadet because I’ve become so unreasonably attached to it. He has proven himself to be a great member of my team and held his own against several Gym Leaders and Titan Pokémon.

However, special praise goes to Paumi. This little Pokemon evolves twice and gains a secondary fighting type when it turns into Paumo, but the first iteration is so damn cute that it honestly could give Pikachu a run for its money as the best electric type.

Best Gen 9 Pokemon Design: Pawmi
Image: Nintendo Life

What’s your favorite new Pokemon design in Gen 9? Tell us below in the comments!