As seen on Netflix Punisher, Frank Castle has a very bloody history as one of the most dangerous vigilantes in the MCU. Appeared for the first time Daredevil Before Season 2 gets its show, Frank Castle was recently confirmed to be returning to the MCU in the upcoming Marvel Studios film. Daredevil: Reborn series is coming to Disney+, reuniting Charlie Cox with Matt Murdock. So the new look could finally pick up where Netflix left off The Punisher at the end of the show’s second season.


Although the news that Jon Bernthal will reprise his role Punisher Daredevil: Reborn That’s exciting, as it remains to be seen how Marvel Studios will deal with the backstory of Murdoch, Castle, and other characters debuting on Netflix, such as Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. However, confirmation that at least three Netflix characters will be featured in the upcoming series suggests that their past rivalries and relationships will remain. Regardless, here are the biggest things that happened in Frank Castle’s Netflix show with the Punisher and his previous debut. Daredevil Season 2.

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Jon Bernthal’s Punisher debuts in Daredevil Season 2

Jon Bernthal as the Punisher and Charlie Cox is bold in the mcu art

Frank Castle first appeared as the Punisher Daredevil season 2. Presented as a former Marine turned brutal New York vigilante, the traumatic past of Frank Imarat, whose family was killed in the park, raised the original comics. However, it turns out that the assassins responsible were both part of a larger conspiracy orchestrated by corrupt former Castle commanders (codename Blacksmith and Agent Orange).

Transforming himself into a one-man army to punish the guilty, the Punisher faced off against Daredevil in his deadly tactics. However, he was also represented by Murdoch in court after his arrest, although Castle ultimately escaped arrest. After finding and killing the Blacksmith, the Punisher came to Daredevil’s aid in a battle against a ninja clan known as the Hand. It should also be noted that Castle’s escape was aided by the Kingpin, who wanted Castle loose in New York to weaken his opponents.

Punisher joins Micro to take down Agent Orange

Punisher Season 1 begins with Frank killing all the gangs and killers involved in the massacre at the park that killed Castle’s family. With the blacksmith killed Daredevil In Season 2, Frank believes he can live a peaceful life with his avenged loved ones. However, former NSA analyst and Hacker code name Micro contacts Punisher, revealed his knowledge of the illegal Cerberus operation in which Agent Orange and Castle took part as a Marine. Castle’s family stood up to the illegal activities taking place and ultimately paid the price.

Since Agent Orange also threatens Micro’s family, Punisher and Micro work together to take down Agent Orange and his fellow conspirators, such as Castle’s best friend Billy Russo, who is part of Operation Cerberus. After several deaths, Castle succeeds in taking down Agent Orange, and is aided not only by Micro, but also Homeland Security Agent Madani, who has been investigating the Cerberus operation for months (and has been in contact with Russo).

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The Punisher Creates a New Villain Jigsaw (Billy Russo)

Billy Russo's Jigsaw from The Punisher Season 2

With only Russo left, Castle and his former friend fight each other in Central Park, near the carousel where Castle’s family died. After beating Rousseau and brutally mutilating his face with shards of glass, the Punisher refused to kill Rousseau. Instead, he wanted Russo to suffer longer with his tarnished face as punishment for his role in what happened to Castle’s family. So Russo ends up being the villain Jigsaw Punisher Season 2Serves as Frank’s main rival.

Protecting Amy Bendix from John Pilgrim and Schultz’s conspiracy

Punisher John Pilgrim

Despite trying to leave another peaceful life at the beginning Punisher In Season 2, when a young woman named Amy Bendix is ​​seen on the run from assassin John Pilgrim, Frank can’t help but get Castle involved. Bendix finds himself with a big target on his back after taking incriminating pictures of Senator David Schultz for the Russian mafia. For example, Pilgrim’s sons are taken out of retirement by Schultz’s powerful parents, forcing Pilgrim to take the job to protect the senator’s reputation in the media.

So the Punisher gets involved with the decision to protect Amy, resulting in a A series of confrontations with John Pilgrim. Eventually, Castle learns about the Schultz family, which leads him to kill his parents and save the Pilgrim boys. Finding a common ground, Castle spares Pilgrim’s life, and the two killers go their separate ways.

The Punisher helps National Security find and kill Jigsaw

Between protecting Bendix and dealing with the Shultz plot, The Punisher is also approached by Agent Madani to help track down Jigsaw, who has escaped custody while he recovers in the hospital. Left extremely unstable by his injuries and damaged psyche, Russo forms his own criminal gang by recruiting disenfranchised soldiers. It is said that eventually there will be a final showdown between Jigsaw and The Punisher. Punisher Season 2 resulted in the execution of Castle’s former friend-turned-enemy.

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The Frankish castle finally embraces its punishing identity and crusade

Jon Bernthal in The Punisher Season 2 Finale

Rather than trying to live a peaceful life once again, the end Punisher Season 2 saw Frank take on Castle’s identity The Punisher in the MCU and his ongoing crusade against criminals. With his origin and personal vendetta finally complete, the version of the Punisher seen at the end of the Netflix series is a perfect match for the Citadel seen in the original Marvel comics. So this is the visible version Daredevil: Reborn.

The Punisher also received a call from Nadani, an agent who had joined the CIA because he wanted to enlist the castle as an asset to take down a high-profile target. However, Castle rejects this particular case. This suggests that Castle may have had an ongoing working relationship with the CIA. Punisher received the third season.

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