Warning: Spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 1.Seven years have passed Fear the walking dead Season 8 premieres and a lot of off-screen action takes place during this time frame. Fear the walking dead Season 8, Episode 1, “Remember What They Got From You” picks up after the season 7 finale, with Morgan and Madison entering the PADRE to retrieve the captured Mo. The story then fast forwards seven years. It not only means one of the biggest time passes The Walking Dead The history of the franchise also brings leaps and bounds Fear the walking dead is broadly compatible with The Walking Deadend ofFinally, two shows in a row.


With Fear the walking dead‘s current run has been confirmed as its swan song, marking the end of the seven-year time-skip straight-up spinoff. The trials and tribulations that took place in the space of Season 8’s story will inevitably set the tone for the larger one. Fear the walking dead the story ends. What happened during those missing years is only revealed through hints and clues and there are many questions for Morgan, Madison, PADRE and others. Fear the walking dead Characters missing from the season 8 premiere.

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Morgan returned to PADRE and began working for them

Morgan is afraid of the walking dead season 8

Although only small glimpses of the mission are shown on screen, Morgan and Madison successfully rescue Mo and escape the PADRE. Fear the walking dead Season 7 is over. But, sadly, Morgan was then unable to navigate the swampy desert terrain on the mainland and had no choice but to run with PADRE’s tail firmly between his legs. Although he disagreed with the philosophy and methods of the PADRE, Morgan knew that he could at least count on this evil community to provide Mo with food, shelter, and safety.

In return, Morgan was forced to offer his services as a collector, and although he tried to remain innocent by taking the children only after obtaining their parents’ permission, this omission was one of the darkest periods of Morgan’s long life. undoubtedly one. The Walking Dead travel Although Morgan has been partnered with Grace during this time, there is a chill between them in “Remember What They Got From Nothing”, an episode that doesn’t hint at their romance blossoming – which is surprising given their work as collectors. it’s not. Even though they refer to each other by the code name PADRE, Morgan and Grace seem to be more than just work buddies at this point.

Fear the walking dead Morgan’s move to PADRE offers hints that the swamp is more than just a quagmire. Returning to the boathouse where they took refuge seven years ago, Morgan finds a graffiti wall that looks very similar to what Morgan wrote. The Walking Dead Season 3 is when his mental health is at its worst. On the wall are bells and settings for Morgan’s deceased son and wife The Walking Dead Season 1, King County. Apparently, Morgan experienced a relapse during this period Fear the walking dead Season 8 time skipand this may explain why she never made a second attempt to free her daughter from the PADRE.

PADRE experimented on Madison during The Walking Dead’s Time Skip scare

Scary The Walking Dead Season 8 Madison Clark with a zombie bite mark on her arm

To escape PADRE before Morgan and Mo Fear the walking dead At the end of season 8, Madison was left behind, while Morgan ran away, holding a gun. From Madison’s point of view, it would be a selfless penance to pay for child abduction as a PADRE collector. In a flashback set at an unknown point during the time skip, Madison is seen trying to kill herself, showing how she no longer has a motivational goal. Madison remains unaware of Alicia’s survival, so between the guilt of losing her own family and breaking up other families, Kim Dickens Fear the walking dead the veteran no doubt feels his story is over.

The most interesting aspect of Madison’s imprisonment Fear the walking dead The time skip in season 8 is the constant blood samples the PADRE is taking from his arm. Although PADRE tests new admissions for disease and illness – as mentioned when Mo was first introduced – a single sample is sufficient for this purpose, especially since Madison is limited to the cell. So there must be a more sinister explanation behind the experiences Madison went through during the seven-year hiatus. The Walking Dead’s universe, these experiences must inevitably involve stopping a zombie apocalypse.

There are three main possibilities. PADRE may be using Madison as a test subject for some similar experimental drug tests conducted by CRM in The Walking Dead: Beyond World. Alternatively, Madison may have been bitten and the PADRE, like Troy Otto, watched his body react. Fear the walking dead Season 3. Finally, PADRE may believe that Madison has some natural resistance to the zombie virus, which can be done after her daughter survives. Fear the walking dead Season 7 – Even if Alicia’s last episode showed that the infection was on her mind.

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Where Are The Walking Dead’s Missing Characters After Season 8’s Time Skip

Except for Morgan, Madison, Mo, and Grace, no one else Fear the walking dead characters appear in the Season 8 premiere, leaving their statuses unclear after a seven-year time skip. During Morgan and Madison’s PADRE infiltration mission, the villains’ mysterious unseen leader confirms that the fleet of passenger ships has been taken. Fear the walking dead Season 7 is over. These rafts included Daniel, Charlie, Victor Strand, June, Dwight, Sherry, Grace and Luciana. Given that Grace is a collector after the time skip, most of the above seem to be working for PADRE to some degree now.

However, Fear the walking dead It gives an interesting hint that some of the main characters may have escaped the PADRE’s clutches. When Morgan is informed that the PADRE has found the rafts, a mysterious voice admits that there are fewer people on board than expected. This may be a subtle hint for some Fear the walking dead‘s protagonists either escaped before the PADRE captured them, or the rafts sailed elsewhere. The presence of resistance against PADRE has already been confirmed by Fear the walking deadMarketing for Season 8, which means Survivor is likely to be split between these two camps after the seven-year time-skip.

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