Caution! This article contains SPOILERS for The Mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3.

Mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3 offered a new look at Coruscant, but there are still many unanswered questions. Star Warssymbolic planet. Entered Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom MenaceCoruscan has become a crucial location throughout the world Star Wars the prequel trilogy and is still revisited to this day. Be it through detailed descriptions Star Wars novels or exciting set shots, the capital of the Republic is still being explored.


Told primarily from the perspective of Dr. Pershing (Omid Abtahi) and Elia Kane (Katie M. O’Brian). Mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3 “Convert” describes the postReturn of the Jedi Coruscant. One interesting scene saw Dr. Pershing and ex-officer Kane visit Umate, Coruscant’s highest mountain, whose peak was visible from the city layer. This raises questions about how far Coruscant has fallen and what the planet looks like outside of the cityscape.

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The lowest levels of Coruscan are uninhabitable

Coruscan's Mount Umate

The city layer of Coruscant, officially recognized in space as an ecumenopolis, has more than 5000 thousand levels, which makes it almost impossible to observe the true gender of the planet. Serving as a political center, Corushant is home to trillions of people Star Wars it’s easy to forget that there’s something beneath the fascinating, almost terrifying cityscape of the galaxy for centuries. While Coruscant can easily be separated into higher levels, where The Jedi Temple and the lower districts, where the Senate was located, and where most of the population lived, the lowest levels of the planet, are actually uninhabitable.

Anything that isn’t in the first layer of the Corushant cityscape, i.e. populated by poor and non-Jedi citizens, is commonly referred to as the lower levels of Corushant. However, such a designation cannot mean more than a city layer for Coruscant. Still, Coruscant is said to be uninhabitable at 5,000 levels of city galactic life, which makes sense considering that “Level 1” is supposed to serve as the foundation for the rest of the planet’s ambitious structure. Not to mention the absolute bottom levels will have no natural light.

How much do we know about the lowest levels of Coruscant?

Coruscant level 1313

despite Importance of Coruscant Star Wars galaxy, both in-universe and franchise-wise, not much is known about the planet’s lowest levels. The Star Wars Revisiting the term “Expanded Universe” in naming the galactic capital, the prequel trilogy only depicted the upper levels of Coruscant, focusing on places like the Jedi Temple, the Senate, and the Opera House. Other Star Wars stories like The Clone Wars and Timothy Zahn Shot Since then, he has explored the lower districts of Coruscant, but none of them have ventured beyond the city layer. Star Wars revealed the fourth level of Coruscan during Star Wars Adventures #25 By Delilah S. Dawson and Margo Saltel.

In the story, a young princess Leia and Amylin Holdo discover an ancient temple with a large amount of what may be cyber crystals. Not much has been revealed about the mysterious temple, although it is likely previous periods The Jedi Order. So far, Star Wars It focused on the contrast between the upper and lower levels of Coruscant, leading to moments like Ahsoka learning how the Jedi are perceived by the majority of the planet’s population. The Clone Wars season 7. A visit to the absolute lowest levels of Coruscant has yet to happen, and it could reveal the secrets of the Jedi and the entire galaxy.


Star Wars reveals Coruscant’s darkest secret

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