Waves of backpacks, radioactive man! Is it the weekend already? Where did the time go?

Do you know why take it apart? The week is over, two days is nothing, but whatever you want to do is up to you, so just enjoy it. right? right.

This weekend we’re actually getting out of the house, playing old and current favorites, fiddling with our Steam Deck, and getting to work.

Here is a summary of our plans for the weekend:

New Warzone 2 Map – Ashika Island – Master the Way of the Warrior!

Connor Makar, Warframe and Warzone 2 staff writer

This weekend I’ll be working on some news, messaging, and some quiet writing. As for gaming, I’m still deep into it Warframe, still grinding skill levels and pumping up his Helminth. I recently bought the last syndicate exclusive weapon I needed this week, which effectively means one of the biggest grinds in the game is over. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Wolf Sled soon, but I doubt I’ll be so lucky.

I will also spend more time Warzone 2 ahead of the launch of Season 2 in February. To be honest, apart from my one session a week with the game I quit pretty hard, but I’m hoping the next big update can bring us all back.

The demo lets you preview the single player mode with 30 songs from multiple Final Fantasy games

Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor – Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Final Bar Line demo

Yes, a demo. This is probably what I’m going to spend most of my time on for the next 48 hours. why Because I put a couple of hundred hours into Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call on 3DS and I can still go back now and sink even more time into each game. The prospect of a new title – one of over 380 Final Fantasy tracks in the base game alone – all exquisitely rendered in HD on the Nintendo Switch… the prospect might make me emotional.

I love music, I love rhythm games and I love Final Fantasy. These three elements combined into a great looking (and sounding) package with really nice input tracking and mechanics to go with it is more than I ever expected from the series. I’d settle for a port of Curtain Call or something. Instead, I get a game with quite a few all the Final Fantasy music you could ever wantas well as tracks from Nier, TWEWY, SaGa, Live A Live and more… it’s every RPG fanatic’s dream!

So I will play Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Final Bar Line demo to death. I’ve already maxed out the characters and songs available in the game’s generous demo, and progress from there (available on PS4/5 and Switch) can be carried over to the final game. So excuse my partners and my dog, who will be waiting for me to play with him or take him for a walk, but I’m going to try to get a perfect score on Machine Gun Man, all over again.

Elden Ring isn’t just Dark Souls with a Horse, it’s so much more

James Bilcliffe, Features Editor – Elden Ring and others

Steam Deck is a great machine, capable of playing a huge number of full games from your Steam library with decent fidelity.

In some ways, it’s the best way to burn backlogs, but what’s so exciting about that? Probably the only thing anyone ever uses Steam Deck for is buying new games and never playing them, and trying out series of games you’ve played many times, right?

Aside from HiFi Rush and Persona 3 on Game Pass, I’m currently neglecting Bayonetta (which I’ve never played) and Devil May Cry 5 (which I started but never finished on PS4) in favor of launching new saves on Elden Ring (I beat Holy on my first playthrough, so I want to try a different build) and The Witcher 3 (I want to play the less popular but equally great first Hearts of Stone DLC again).

Celebrate 15 years of The Lord of the Rings Online (I’ve been playing this long? Really? Wow.)

Stephanie Nunneley-Jackson, News Editor – Visiting a neglected friend

I actually have plans to leave the house this weekend so I won’t be playing much over the weekend.

The Oddities and Curiosities Expo is tomorrow in a town near me, so I took the day off to visit this weird, creepy traveling salesman show. Essentially, it features dealers, artists, and small businesses from all over the country whose wares are downright weird or maybe even downright weird. Visitors will find plenty of taxidermied animals, preserved specimens, artwork, horror and Halloween items, antiques, handmade oddities, quack medical devices, spooky clothing, weird jewelry, animal skulls/bones, funerary collectibles, and who knows what else.

The description says that all the items on display are legal to own and sustainably sourced – whatever that means, because I’m still trying to figure out how a fox head or stuffed parrot is “sustainably sourced”.

While this sort of thing isn’t my usual cup of tea, my goal this year is to get out of the house more often, experience new things, and step out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m tired of being a householder and missing out. As you get older, you tend to shut yourself up at home so much that one day you look out the window and see life passing you by, and then you cringe and start asking yourself questions.

These questions will inevitably leave you kicking your ass for not attending the Depeche Mode concert in Nashville; capturing tickets for the traveling Egyptian exhibition; thinking it would be too much trouble to attend the Thriller Parade downtown; you don’t care enough to have dinner with your friends at that cool new restaurant that has since closed; or for not going to a hippie music festival in the Appalachian hills with your cousin. Such things.

That’s why I go to this strange exhibition to see what strange things are on display. I might freak out when I see all those poor stuffed animals, or get sad when I see body parts floating in jars, but it’s definitely going to be an experience.

But putting aside my existential crisis for a moment, I plan to light up on Sunday Lord of the rings online. I know I always say I’m going to play it, but to be honest, I never do. I will schedule it and then skip it. To be honest, I haven’t actually played the game in almost two years. I log in, pay the rent for our Kinhouse and my houses, check my mail, and log out. This is it.

I don’t know what happened. But I honestly plan to play it this weekend because I kind of miss it. Also, I missed out on a lot of new content, not to mention tons of festival goodies. I also need to clean out my home chests and make room for things coming in for the spring festival and anniversary event. I tend to hoard items in games and also out of games (to some extent) to be honest. You never know when you will need something. It’s amazing how sometimes your virtual and real life can mirror each other, isn’t it?

These are our plans for the weekend. What is wrong with you? What are you playing this weekend? Or are you going to be busy with something else? Share your plans with us. We are really interested in your life.