Prince Sidon
Image: Nintendo

Well friends, another week has come and gone and it really seems like there has been a lot to talk about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomYes?

First, of course, we got full confirmation from Nintendo, which is the latest The Zelda game managed to sell an incredible 10 million copies in just three days. This is simply amazing! We have reviewed some of them as well the best builds in the game right nowas people tortured those poor Koroksand why people seem to be sad after Pura.

But it’s not all about Zelda. Really, A new Mortal Kombat game has been confirmed to launch on Switch this year, and it looks pretty cute so far. There was also a rather funny announcement SpongeBob SquarePants content is coming to Powerwash Simulatortogether with confirmation thereof Sonic Prime will return to Netflix in July. Cool!

But enough about that. Let’s get down to what we’re doing this weekend. Anyone guess? Come on, it’s easy.

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

Of course I’m still playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. How could I not? I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of this game, even though I’ve probably knocked out about 15 hours at this point. I found some shrines, met Prince Sidon, nnnn… Is that about it?

It’s just so much fun exploring the world, diving into the Abyss, discovering new things… What a game, man.

Jim Norman, staff writer

This weekend I will continue to play (drums please) Tears of the Kingdom! Yes, no surprise, I’m just in love with this game. I constantly vacillate between wanting to understand the history and wanting to go and see every single thing I pass. I would really benefit from just putting my head down and ticking off some stories so I don’t have to be quite next week I’m mindful of spoilers, but I know I’ll stumble upon an exciting side quest or a beautiful mountain, and just like that, pufffour hours to the wind.

To be honest, this will probably be the whole game for me. I would love to go back and play some more Hollow Knightbut I’ll be kidding myself if I think I can put off Gillian’s adventure long enough to sleep, let alone play another game.

PJ O’Reilly, reviewer

Well, it’s no surprise that I’ll be playing this weekend. For both guides and personal enjoyment, I plan to spend every waking minute with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I’ve already spent a ton of time with it, been through a few bosses in the main story, and combed the depths for treasure as much as possible, and it just blew me away in every possible way.

I’d usually come up with a few more things that I’m going to mull over in the eShop before Monday at this point, but yeah, it’s all about Zelda right now. A game that makes Breath of the Wild look almost vintage. What a time to be alive!

Gonzalo Lopes, reviewer

A busy weekend ahead as I continue mine Nintendo 64 intrusion. Top-notch arcade fun is guaranteed Murtop and amazing Bubble Bobble EveryBubble!, so look forward to it. More Taito action p Ray’z Arcade Timeline. I just can’t get enough of Zuntata and I absolutely love it RayStorm. Also big Turrican Ultra Collectors Edition arrived after almost 3 years of waiting so I’m expecting some shoot or die action.

Game of the week is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I skip the main quests and explore “Hyland” again. I really enjoy playing this game, every little journey is a real adventure.

Craig Reid, Contributor

Hello NL people! This weekend I’ll be doing my best to create some absolute monsters using Link’s Ultraarm ability in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Oh, and make sure I use all my Zelda Amiibo cards every day so I can populate my stable with some Epona clones.

Outside of the Linkscapades weekend, I’ll be uploading Gears 5 on my Xbox Series X to get a few achievements I’m close to getting. Or, if I’m really lucky, I can find a few friends to give away Omega Strikers forward!

Happy playing!

Yep, lots of Zelda again this week. But what do you play? Take the survey below and leave a comment with your game plans for the weekend.