Every day may not be good, but there’s not much bad to say about the weekend.

Because it’s not Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday. Well, Friday is all right. This is because the next day is Saturday. Friday is also great for people with a four-day work week that ends on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. No one is too keen on these people. It is not true. The rest of the world will be jealous.

However, the US has a nice three-day weekend because it’s President’s Day. Well, some of us are anyway. Some people no longer work on Mondays and work on Saturdays, or they work in retail, in the food industry, or have careers where public holidays do not count. Well, at least you get a day off or two. That’s all that really matters. Because everyone needs to rest.

Speaking of relaxing, that’s exactly what we’re going to do as we play games this weekend.

This is what we play.

New Warzone 2 map – Ashika Island

Connor Makar, Warzone 2 staff writer

I’ll be playing a bunch this weekend Warzone 2 and that’s pretty much it.

I like the new map, I like the changes, and I want to get some hours in before things start getting busier next month. Also, I’ve started going to the gym again, so I’ll be doing that, but I wish I hadn’t.

Wild Hearts – Hunt the massive Kemono in Azuma, a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan.

Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor – Wild Hearts

I said in my review which I sometimes think I hate Wild hearts. But I can’t stop playing. It’s a strange game that refuses to play well. He doesn’t want to help you, and instead of a Kemono you have to fight, it feels like you’ve spent most of your time in the game fighting the camera.

Still, as I look into the weekend with a little bit of an edge, I know I’m going to push through the more uninspired fights and ride the good ones. why Because I guess I’m a fan of hunting games.

On Sunday I will at least go to the local farmer’s market in search of fresh local beets, cabbage, carrots, chicory, leeks and about four different types of onion. I will make some funny cake. The cooking in Wild Hearts is possibly the best part of the game, and it inspired me to go outside, grab a bunch of food, and just start making some really delicious food in the real world. I’m sure once I’m calm and happy and chilled I’ll be back at Wild Hearts and getting pumped up again.

Steam Deck… now available!

James Bilcliffe, Guides Editor – Steam Deck

As the weekend approaches, Steam Deck still reigns supreme as the platform I want to play the most but inevitably don’t have time for.

It doesn’t help that I went with the 64GB base model, and despite the massive SD cards, that relatively meager internal memory fills up incredibly quickly with non-removable shader caches. So before I even get into Vampire Survivors, Bayonetta, DMC5, and the plethora of third-person action games I’ve collected, I need to download a dodgy flatpack written by some guy that makes the console work properly – like pretty much every other Steam feature Deck.

As for the classic games, I’m also playing the HD versions of the original God of War games, so if all goes to plan I’ll be working my way through that too.

What is wrong with you? What are you planning to do this weekend? Planning on attending a game or two?