It’s a simple formula: good weather + outdoor time + exercise = I’m happy. I know this formula is true. I learned how to use this formula. I crave this formula. And yet every year, around this time, I say, “Oh my God, I feel so good, why am I suddenly so good, why have I felt so bad for so long.” Good weather, outdoor time and exercise, Aliso. You know that. You only had outdoor time and less exercise. That’s why it didn’t work out. I hope you are re-learning it too. Anyway! What are you playing this weekend? That’s what we click on!

Alice B
is this???

Screenshot of Chef Emphis in Citizen Sleeper.
Sleeping Citizen it’s our RPS Game Club pick this month – join us!

I didn’t really dig Darkest Dungeon 2 when it first went into early access and decided I’d wait until it was over before trying again. Now it’s out, and oh my, what I’ve seen is pretty exciting. Put me and my friends in a van and send us straight to hell, please.

I dig deeper Sleeping Citizen this is the first RPG/visual novel that caught my tiny attention. On a strange whim, I installed Strange West on my Steam Deck, so I hope it scratches the surface of the addictive sim. Everyone is excited about the new Zelda, so I’m resisting the urge to buy another massive RPG.


Until recently, I was degrading Apex Legends obligation to test the headset; something I would play just to appreciate the clarity of the pitch reproduction. Careless, the last time I did this I lost focus and ended up playing to win. Now I want to keep playing despite Apex turning me into a hateful hyper-competitive little gremlin. Sorry in advance.

Liam will tell you that Apex is one of the best multiplayer games on PC


I’m currently on a mini-business trip from PC gaming land to help out with some Zelda related projects for the Wide Web. I assumed that working with Zelda records all day would dull my enthusiasm for ever playing the game, but after picking up a copy to shoot, I found that the game had me hooked in a way that seems on the verge of wild Tears Of The Kingdom is one of the most inventive, dynamic and rewarding games I’ve played in years. I can’t stop fiddling with it. I can’t stop thinking about this. It is incredibly. I’m really excited to play this more and I’m pissed that I already have “plans” with “friends” that will prevent me from doing so.


That might say something about my state of mind now that my two games are on the go outside of work Ghostwire: Tokyo and Overflights. It probably goes further to say that I find a mini-farming sim to be generally more intense than a ghost hunting game. Speaking of horrors, I realized we’re almost halfway through the year and I haven’t played yet Space for the unbounda game that came out back in January and has a big GOTY list for me so I’d like to start it ASAP if I can.

Humanity, humanity, humanity! This puzzle game is very strange but also great. I played through the first couple of levels and was completely mesmerized by its mind-blowing puzzles, and from the looks of the trailer, things just keep getting crazier. So yeah, I’ll be diving into it massively.

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?