If you’re looking for something to play this weekend, use Game Pass to play the stylish rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush. This will be the focus first session of RPS Game Club, so all the hepcats will beat the villains in time. But I have to ask, what are you playing this weekend? That’s what we click on!

Alice B
I’m going to give Hi-Fi Rush cry for our gaming club, but I’m skeptical because while I usually like the presentation of rhythm games, I often don’t like playing them in practice. I also find the way your husband twirls to the beat while standing still a bit disturbing. I’m going to give too Sons of the forest go because I want to know what jokes everyone on our Slack team is making.

My mom is coming to visit this weekend, so no time for games. But plenty of time for big dinners. And desserts. And walks through quaint little villages if she can brave the weather.

I’ll play a little The last of us 2, because I like my weekends gloomy and my rooms filled with empty boxes. All kidding aside, I’m really enjoying it so far. There are stealth sequences strained.


I did the thing again where I watch twenty minutes of professional Dota 2 and it made me want to play Dota 2. Dunning-Kruger? Never heard of him.


Fate. For my sins. No one seems to like the new expansion pack, but if it gives me an engram every 15 minutes I guess I’ll be happy?

The player hits a zombie enemy with dual swords in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
Wo Long violence

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty it will probably take the whole weekend as it is stunningly good. Very similar to Sekiro, but a little less polished and a little crazier in the amount of things it lets you do. My favorite moment so far was the very difficult boss fight vs the pole fight on horseback. Soulslikes has a thing about humanoid bosses. When you see one, you know you’re in for a carefully planned, super fun time. It reminds me of how you fight your father in Sekiro and get completely kicked ass until you really get the hang of the fight.

I have a few games planned for this weekend. I have a game review or two to check out later this month and I want to check out Hi-Fi Rush for the RPS Game Club. I played the first hour but then got distracted, so playing Games Club will help me get back into it. Very excited as I have only heard good things about it!

I’m taking a long weekend to celebrate my partner’s birthday and of course we have a lot of plans, but with four full days off I can certainly do some gaming, right? I recently found my happy place jumping between Danganronpa 2 and Ghostwire: Tokyo as my whims dictate, so I’d like to do it a bit more. It’s time for me and my partner to choose our next co-pilot game; we were leaning towards Sherlock Holmes Chapter Onebut there is still time to surprise yourself.

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?