The pair play father and son in the popular Taylor Sheridan series.

Wes Bentley has spent the last four and a half seasons as Jamie Dutton Yellowstone and in the first half of the series she seemed to be fighting for her father John Dutton (played by). Kevin Costner). As the show went on, the two continued to fight each other instead, and the two of them feuded for most of the show. But if Costner decides to leave the team, this fight may be over Taylor Sheridan Rumor has it that her shooting schedule is making it difficult for the show to keep Johnny in the spotlight.

The report said Costner wanted to reduce the shooting time. This means that Sheridan is thinking of ending Yellowstone Resolving a new series after season 5 and leading Matthew McConaughey instead of. This left us with questions about the future of the show, including what will happen to other characters in the Dutton family.

While promoting the series at SCAD TVFest, Bentley was asked about what will happen if John Dutton dies next season and how it will affect Jamie. Surprisingly, Bentley has already thought of this, and it is not completely new understanding for him.


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“I thought about it in the first season,” Bentley said TV line, “Because it’s always possible on TV, right? We’re always ready to die … (And John) really hypnotized Jamie.” As is currently the case with the series, both Jamie Dutton and his sister Beth (Kelly Reilly) want to hurt each other. Season 5 has ended here, and we expect the second half to air this summer. The two are fighting for blood and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they end up killing each other.

But with the Costner rumors and where John Dutton’s storyline is going, it would make a lot of sense for both characters if something happened during their fight, with John caught in the crossfire. and intensifies their guilt for the future, because their Anger often led to the pain of their family.

This is all speculation as we don’t know what will happen with Costner, Yellowstone, or the future of John Dutton. But Bentley seems to be thinking about the implications of John’s death for Jamie.