Plum skin Witch confident Manchester United And Marcus Rashford They will “find each other” regarding the striker’s contract status.

Rashford’s contract with the club, where he has been playing since he was seven years old, is just one year away.

The 25-year-old stickman reported earlier this year that he had requested £500,000 a week but the situation continues to drag on.

Ten Hag calmly says in front of everyone, “I know (it takes time), but I’m not talking about the process.

“It’s not important for me or Rashy right now. For him to score more goals this season and he’s playing a great season and the team is playing a great season.

“We have to go inside Champions League and focus on that. Marcus wants to stay and we want him to stay, so I think we’ll find each other.”

Uncertainty over United’s takeover will inevitably raise concerns about summer transfer window prospects.

Ten Hag said: “We’re doing our job and working hard in the background, but for now it’s all about the matches, the Champions League and getting into the FA Cup.

“For me it’s about finance and having the money to do the right things.”

United have a great two weeks ahead of them with their last three games. Premier League Before their first FA Cup final against Manchester City, the matches that determine whether they can qualify for the Champions League.

First there’s a trip to Bournemouth on Saturday, where United will try to get past their away fights, which may well have happened without the disturbed Rashford.

Eight of the Red Devils’ nine league defeats this season have been away, with only one point between them in their last three away games to Old Trafford.

Marcus wants to stay and we want him to stay, so I think we’ll find each other.

Plum skin Witch

Ten Hag said, “I think there are some reasons. For example, one thing is clear, that we have to be better with the ball from the back.

But we have an opportunity to show tomorrow that we can improve and we definitely need to improve for next season.”

Manchester City are closer than ever to capturing United’s treble-winning success, adding an extra edge to the FA Cup final on 3 June.

When asked if he enjoyed the opportunity to stop City, Ten Hag replied, “When we have three games and[Premier League]is gone, yes, I’ll enjoy it. Before that, it doesn’t matter at all.

“I think we have to keep doing what we’ve had all season, improve every day and improve every game and not look too far. Focusing on the next game is the most important thing.”