After killing the “love” of his life and staging his own death Season 3, Joe Goldberg went through a lot of changes in London to start a new life. The first part of the fourth season You sees Joe playing Penn BadgleyContinuing his past work with Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) and changed his entire identity as university professor Jonathan Moore. However, old habits die hard and the second half of the fourth season completely changes how we watched the first episode. When Joe holds Marien captive in an infamous glass box, Badgley reacted to his character and Marien’s own scene in the basement, saying that retrieving the box felt like a “weird homecoming”.


The lockable box has become synonymous with the series, with the box serving as a cage for rare books in Season 1, as well as a cage for its victims. In Season 4, Joe manages to find Marien after following her to London. Marienne of course escapes, but Joe is quick to corner her in an abandoned building. After some small talk, to Marien’s dismay, Joe tries to insist that he is not a bad person and that he is. ready to leave the past behind and let it go. Soon after, Marienne leaves him safely. And in the reaction clip, the actor watched a certain scene in the second half of the fourth season where Jo kidnaps Marien and puts her in the now-famous glass case. Saying that the hero is trying to make things better, Badgley replied:

“He’s actually saying that he’s trying to make him better when he’s throwing him in a cage. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a literal moment like that, have we? It’s hard to play Joe (because) of how obnoxious he is and stuff, but we’re going to put the box back. after we brought it in, it was a strange homecoming. Now we’re down to what the show is good at and knows, and it’s very relevant again. It’s a real love-hate thing about the box. It’s Us for All.”

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In the first half of season 4, Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers) similar to Joe’s call to murder, and as the person behind the murders of rich people. However, when episode 2 aired on March 9, Rhys is revealed to be a real person, yes, but his crimes were all Joe’s wild and crazy fantasies. Regarding Speleers’ portrayal of Reece, Badgley said, “I love that Ed Speleers, who plays Reece, can be the physical embodiment of Joe’s thoughts. It’s a new cycle for me to play Joe, and it’s like a no-brainer for Joe. he’s more honest with himself.”

In the final part of the clip, Joe – being the crazy man that he is – slams Marien into a glass case, leaving her completely stunned. Bagley then added, “I think if he hits his head so hard that he’s concussed and likes to indulge in multiple personality disorder, I think he’s got at least a small cut on his forehead would have been. You know, I’m just saying.”

While season four somehow portrays Joey as a changed person, the second episode ultimately subverts this idea, stating that Joey “.the beast on the hill“Since the start of the show. In addition to Gabrielle and Badgley reprising their roles, as well as Speleers Rhys, the fourth season of You has also introduced new characters, e.g. Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Lee Hickmanand Lucas Gage.

First and second half You Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. You can watch Begley’s reaction to Marienne and Joe’s basement scene in the clip below.