initial reactions to John Wick: Chapter 4 has and is being dubbed as “Glorious”, “epic” and “badass”. The film is one of the most anticipated films this year and has a star-studded cast Keanu Reeves, Bill SkarsgĂ„rdand Laurence Fishburnethe film will certainly raise the stakes before entering the already announced film Chapter 5. For fans who like to rehash the trilogy before watching the new feature, Keanu Reeves recaps the previous three films in 60 seconds in a new clip posted on the film’s Twitter feed.

In the new clip, Reeves begins to recount the events of the first film in his energetic style: “A gangster steals an ex-hitman’s car and kills his puppy.” He paused and said, “My late wife gave me a dog to get me through the day.” It then continues: “He destroys half of the Russian mafia and picks up a new dog along the way.” to tell the stories of Chapter 2 he said, “I will fight for my life!” Then he quickly moves on to events Chapter 3 and “Winston fakes John’s death to save The Continental…” adding, “I don’t know, fake John’s death…you know, this character Winston is a slippery person.” sums it up: “John is saved by the banished Bowery King, and together they vow revenge at the High Table. Now you’re ready John Wick: Chapter 4“. It will be interesting to see how the actor focuses on John’s emotional tropes and gives a few hints about the characters we should look out for in the upcoming film.


The John Wick Heritage

Since 2014, the original film has been delighting fans, and while seeing Reeves perform stunts on the big screen is always the ultimate experience, the emotional story of the film has left fans in awe. Who would have thought that a hero would go to extreme lengths to avenge his dog? The following feature then introduced fans to a new world of killers with Continental and High Table. The last feature, Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the hunter changed the whole story by discovering that he was now the hunted.

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At the same time, the franchise has given fans the pleasure of watching Reeves masterfully mix and match different fighting styles with stunning set pieces, action sequences, and more. It set the expectations of the fans Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 very high, but the initial reactions from the cast and crew have certainly outdone themselves if anything.

John Wick: Chapter 4 In theaters March 24. You can watch the new clip below: