Raven Software has announced that it has disabled its contactless voice chat and global text chat features Call of Duty: Warzone 2 ranked play, meaning players will not be able to communicate with their teammates and enemies in the game. Restrictions in Warzone 2 rating game were previously expanded by removing the kill streaks of cluster mines and bombs. Player reaction to this decision has been overwhelmingly positive, with some claiming that the developers did a great job of keeping the game balanced.


Warzone 2 sets itself apart from its predecessor by introducing new features and gameplay changes, such as the addition of third-person playlists, a redesigned 2v2 Gulag mode, and various loadouts. Other features such as split gas circuits and DMZ mode is enabled Warzone 2 also offer players casual entertainment. Remote Voice Chat is one of these great features, allowing players to communicate with their teammates who are nearby on the map. Although this communication tool can be used to create engaging interactions, many players feel that it has increased the level of toxicity in the game.

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Raven Software has announced that it has removed voice and global text chat Warzone 2 rating game. No specific reasons are given for disabling these features. The developers stated that the decision was made after further discussion with Treyarch Studios. Players will no longer be able to hear and talk to their teammates and enemies in ranked matches. In the comments, the reaction to this decision was mostly positive. But not everyone is happy with the removal of these features, and some players claim that Raven Software has also removed an interesting aspect of the game.

Long distance voice chat and global text chat turned out to be two conflicting features Warzone 2, allowing some players to harass others in the game. Although some Warzone 2 players could get creative with contactless voice chat to gain a fair advantage, the communication tool has angered some players as it has opened the door to harassment. On the other hand, the global text chat paved the way for some toxic content that could harm players in the game lobby. It has been shown that this feature can be used to send abusive messages to players.

This is not a secret either contactless voice chat is one of Warzone 2best features, which increases players’ tactical awareness and allows them to coordinate with their teammates. For now, players will have to play in casual mode Warzone 2 create fun ways to make your games fun and chaotic. It is not known when these two features will be added back to ranked play.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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