Warren Gatland He said he was confident Wales would clash with the Guinness Six Nations England to be continued

threat of strike action by Wales the players hang above the flashy fixture that will take place Cardiff Next Saturday.

a new six-year financial agreement between Welsh Rugby Union and Wales’ four professional districts – Dragons, Cardiff, Ospreys and Scarlets – have yet to be confirmed in writing after months of debate.

Regions are gearing up for financial cuts, but no game budgets have been finalized for next season, so no contracts can be offered in writing.

Discussions continued over the weekend to resolve the situation, and it became clear that a deadline had been set by Wednesday by the players.

Players are seeking representation at Professional Rugby Board meetings, the removal of the contentious 60-man pick rule where a player who trades abroad in Wales cannot be selected unless he has made at least that number of Tests, and concerns about contracts removed. has fixed variable elements that make up 20 percent of salaries.

“I predict the game will be played. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen in the past and I’m sure the game will continue,” said Gatland, Wales head coach.

“The kids were very good in practice. I have to put all that kind of thing aside and make sure we focus on the game.

“It hasn’t been the easiest couple of weeks, but sometimes it focuses the mind and gives you the determination to focus on the job at hand, and that’s preparing the team for next week as best we can as a group of coaches.” ”

About the top rule of 60, Gatland added: “I’m not sure it’s fit for purpose at the moment. There is an opportunity at the moment to say potentially get rid of it.

“This needs to be negotiated post-World Cup if it’s going to be useful going forward. Walk into a room and argue, but not for months.

“What is the best thing? I can see it working for four regions, but I don’t see it working if we end up with three or two regions because it doesn’t make sense to me to potentially not have players outside Wales.”

Throughout the professional game in Wales, players are fed up with the current situation. It is thought that between 70 and 100 of them will be out of contract in a few months.

“I’m not sure what the real problems are with why things aren’t moving faster,” Gatland said.

“I come from a country (New Zealand) where when you get into a bit of a crisis you get everyone in a room and you figure it out within 24 hours.

We must eliminate our narrow-mindedness and self-interest.

Wales head coach Warren Gatland

“The strength of New Zealand rugby has always been its ability to change and change incredibly quickly. Probably the hamstring of Welsh rugby is that change is like a slow train trying to get somewhere.

“Everyone in the game needs to take responsibility, not just the union (WRU).

“The national team, the regions, the clubs, everyone needs to take a role. We must eliminate our narrow-mindedness and self-interest. Let’s make the best decisions for the game.”