Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

An update to the Warhammer 40K: Darktide Early Access Beta is now out, fixing various crashes and bugs that have appeared since co-op grimdark became available to pre-order players. Developer Fatshark says he’s still “far from happy” with Darktide’s stability and performance, but data generated by thousands of beta players points to a “good path to a stable game” when Darktide officially releases on November 30th. .

The Darktide 1.07 update fixes a “significant number of crashes”, including cases where players fell out of bounds, logged out during cutscenes, equipped weapons with certain stats, and encountered the Beast of Nurgle (a monster so formidable that your game client simply would close). The patch also fixes some occasional bugs, such as the Veteran Sniper’s “cover fire” ability that wasn’t working properly, and a weird bug that caused characters’ heads to turn 180 degrees if they were looking straight down at the floor.

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Fatshark has also tweaked some of the character classes this patch and made adjustments to help Ogryns, Zealots and Veterans blend in more naturally with each other.

“We are far from happy and seeing more crashes than we hoped,” says Fatshark, addressing performance issues reported by players. “At the same time, we were also expecting some of this and are looking forward to the pre-beta to test and help resolve many of these issues.

“There is one big category of crashes in particular, manifesting as ‘GPU freezes’, which will probably still show their ugly face from time to time,” the studio continues. “However, we are on the right path to a stable game at release, thanks in large part to the many players who help us provide the necessary data to address these issues.”

We spoke with writer Dan Abnett, who helped Fatshark create the world of Darktide and Hive Tertium, about his take on Warhammer 40K’s sense of humor last year. The game will officially release on November 30th.