After a teaser a few weeks ago, Creative Assembly and Sega announced that the Chaos Dwarves are finally coming to their senses Total War: Warhammer 3 On April 13, pre-orders are now open for $22.49. The upcoming Race Pack will introduce the fan-favorite industrial faction, which can field siege weapons, infantry and a mix of units for victory.

The Chaos Dwarf Forge will be added as part of the 3.0 update, which includes three legendary lords — Astaragoth Ironhand, Drajoath the Ashen, and Reaper the Black. They’ll also be joined by legendary backstabbing goblin hero Gorduz, and the group set out to build the Great Burr Khashut. Together they will unite to conquer the known world and much more. Creative Assembly has stated that creating three legendary lords with an additional hero is new for the studio and they will follow this path for future releases.


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The development team has released long blog post detailing the new race pack, touching on the basics of economics, labor and battles. Chaos Dwarves always need workers to improve their civilization, meaning players must obtain them by defeating enemies in combat or using the convoy mechanic. After that, players can offer them to work in the mines to collect raw materials. As for the most valuable resource for Chaos Dwarves, raw materials can be used to construct buildings and structures. They are also a necessity for crafting weapons that strengthen the dwarven army.

Players will be able to use factories and build outposts to make the Chaos Dwarves the strongest faction in the world. There is also the Tower of Zaharr, a political battleground of the dwarves that plays a key role in the good of their civilization. This allows players to try their hand at diplomacy to resolve conflicts between factions. “Competing for positions in the tower will provide various bonuses and rewards to the Chaos Dwarves.” Creative Assembly talked about the advantages of Zaharra’s Tower. It also added: “Jarrah’s Tower is one of the deepest, most unique and versatile campaign mechanics in Total War: WARHAMMER to date.”

More details about Astragoth Ironhand and gameplay elements are planned to be revealed at the next presentation.

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