The expansion includes three game modes, as well as new quests and activities.

Developer Global Games announced during Warframe Devstream 168 reported that the Duvuri Paradox expansion will be released sometime in April. The upcoming DLC, which was originally delayed from its original plan of Winter 2022, has now received a detailed gameplay trailer that takes players through the open world of Duvuri as a Drifter.

The development team also announced that TennoCon will return as a live, in-person event after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Partial reveals of The Duvuri Paradox have been shown over the past few years, but the expansion never got a launch date — and technically speaking, it still hasn’t. Described as bagel-inspired and emotional, the expansion tells a sci-fi story about a Drifter stuck in a world fractured by reality. It has a stark black and white aesthetic, and Global Games is revamping the game’s combat experience to appeal to both old and new players.


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Duvuri Paradox will have three game modes — The Lone Story, The Circuit, and The Duvuri Experience. Players can enter an endless game mode with The Circuit, as well as embark on a new open-world adventure at The Duvuri Experience. Solitary Story, as the name suggests, is a solo narrative for those who need a break from multiplayer. Additionally, the upcoming expansion introduces a new Decree system and Drifter customization.

Players also got their first in-depth look at the new combat system and features to improve riding ability, stamina, and abilities. They will be able to explore a broken, empty space called The Undercroft, which includes special arenas, new enemies and various threats. In addition to these expansions, the expansion also includes a number of quests and activities that players can complete to earn rewards. “The Duviri Paradox is an ever-evolving content update that combines a cinematic narrative with new and familiar Warframe systems,” official press release reads

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