When you are a Dungeon Master for one Dungeons and Dragons coming up with shops and stores for your players to interact with in the game can be difficult. This is especially true if you want it to be memorable. Check out the new unofficial supplement to give you a boost Qualified sellers of Volo. It consists of a team TM van Dalen, Basil Wright, Gene Brode Jr., Jeff C. Stevens, Joanna DeLaune, Marius Brunner, Matt Kimberlin, Matthew WhitbyPurple Bog Press, StickyHunter and Sven Truckenbrodt with 20 stores and shopkeepers to put in your games. Each shop has detailed information about what they sell, who the shopkeeper is and what they’re like, and it even includes little hooks to spice up the shop, such as stir up drama around called. This looks like a great addition to have in a DM’s toolkit.

Volotamp Geddarm is back! After years of research, Volo’s Vetted Sellers is the humble scribe’s latest work. Wherever your adventures take you, this book will be your local business guide. Whether you’re looking for a place to sleep, a place to stock up, or simply a place to enjoy a glass of ale, Volo’s got you covered!

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