Although season five has yet to set a release date, Netflix already updated Virgin river for episode six, letting viewers know that the platform is confident in Mel’s future (Alexandra Breckenridge) story. It is still difficult to determine whether a preacher (Colin Lawrence) chooses to be with Julia (Lucia Walters) or Page (Lexa Doig), but there will be plenty of time to figure that out, given how confident stdio is in developing a sixth season, before looking at the reaction for season five. That kind of confidence in the story isn’t often seen in the streaming era, meaning fans of the original show can expect plenty of drama for years to come.


It all started three and a half years ago, when I met the world these are unpredictable signs. As a nurse practitioner, Mel moved to Virgin River After living in Los Angeles, he wants to start his new job from scratch. He was originally supposed to stay in the city for only a year, when he suddenly meets Jack (Henderson), the owner of a local bar.

Things get really complicated from there, and by the time the first season comes to an end, Mel can’t wait to get out of the titular spot. Although the road was rough, his journey was just beginning and the audience’s passion for the story Virgin river update.

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Mel’s future is about to be revealed

Production on the upcoming fifth season wrapped last year, which means it won’t be long before Netflix starts promoting the release of new episodes. Meanwhile, romantic drama fans Virgin river because can take a deep breath Ted Sarandos himself was seen on the set of the series with Alexandra Breckenridge. While that doesn’t mean anything for sure, it can be comforting to know that the company’s CEO attended a separate production of this project, a privilege most Netflix shows can’t count on. An early update and a visit from the boss himself. What more could Mel ask for? The fifth season Virgin river There is no release date yet, but it is expected to premiere this fall.