Fast and furious star and producer Vin Diesel confirms that there are several spin-off projects in ongoing development to continue the story of the franchise after the end of the original saga. The franchise began in 2001 as an original crime thriller with a focus on street racing and has since established itself as one of the most accessible media franchises. 10th film from the original saga, Quick X, It recently grossed close to $320 million worldwide and proved this to be true Fast and furious franchisecontinued financial stability.


talk to Diversity Charlize Theron said at the Africa Outreach Project Block Party that Diesel has worked on several different topics. Fast and furious spinoffs. Some have been in development for over 5 years. Check out Diesel’s full quote below:

I started developing a female spinoff with other spinoffs in 2017, and the sooner I can deliver the finale, the sooner I can launch all the spinoffs.

Which Fast and Furious characters can play additional roles?

Michelle Rodriguez's Letty and Charlize Theron's Cipher do battle in Fast X.

There are seemingly endless possibilities for this Fast and furious spinoffs, such as another Tokyo DriftBased on the prequel when he worked for Mr. Han Lue (Sung Kang) or Jacob Toretto (John Cena). The franchise is already a success Hobbs and Shaw The spinoff ended up with the fifth-highest domestic gross of the entire franchise. With Dwayne Johnson made a surprising comeback Quick X and Jason Statham’s continued success as an action star, may be another Hobbs and Shaw the film is ready.

The most obvious option right now is a female-led film, with Nicole Perlman, Lindsay Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet signed on to write the script. While Michelle Rodriguez has been hesitant about any spinoffs, introducing Queenie’s (Helen Mirren) female militia Quick X creates many opportunities. There’s also an interesting list of female characters that the writers could play with, like Ramsey (Natalie Emmanuel) and Tess (Brie Larson). If Cipher (Charlize Theron) survives the main saga, the redemption arc that Deckard Shaw takes could also be interesting.

While Diesel is already working on several new spinoffs, they will have to take a backseat until the original saga is finished, which may take longer than expected. Although Quick X originally intended to be the first of a two-part finale, Diesel pointed Fast and Furious 12 a three-part extension of the original two-part finale may be on the way. With two more major films on the schedule and plenty of spinoffs, audiences will have more to satisfy their thirst for the classics. Fast and furious hijinks in the near future.

Source: Diversity