Most developers aim to engross their fans with deep lore, often through the history, nature and, in some cases, the diseases that afflict their beloved characters. Whether mental or physical, these traumatic traits are usually deeply rooted in their past, giving players a whole backstory to search for answers.

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While some characters retain harmless conditions, those who wear an alternate personality are usually callous, vicious, and downright insane, posing a threat to the title’s progression. Dangerous, unpredictable and volatile unstable aspects possessed by this exceptional group of characters.


7 Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy

Cloud Strife

He established himself as the main mascot among the famous Final Fantasy franchise, Cloud StrifeThe intense desire for success eventually formed a dual personality. Exhibiting signs of narcissism, being brash and seemingly insensitive to real-life issues, Cloud Stryfe’s hardened persona may appear intimidating at first glance, but his true self has been masked in an effort to suppress his painful past.

At heart, Cloud Stryfe is a socially awkward individual with a softer demeanor. Although he may struggle to express himself properly, his cold alter ego has managed to act as a protective facade, hiding his tender side. With a constant quest to develop a true identity, Cloud Strife has been adored, imitated and even engaged in a quest to find himself, which is ultimately achieved through an exciting series of games.

6 Krieg – Borderlands


Part of the abrasively rude psycho inside border area, KriegThe mumbled personality was a direct result the vicious experiments he endured. Succumbing to the scientist’s torment, Krieg’s suicidal impulses were encouraged, forcing his mind to formulate an inner voice as a representation of his sane side.

Despite Krieg’s already dire condition, it worsens over time, forcing him to constantly argue with himself as his inner identity gradually seeps deeper into his mind. Unlike most split personality cases that keep the standard personality in the driver’s seat, Craig’s is the opposite, he’s lost complete control of himself.

5 Gollum – The Lord of the Rings: Gollum


Synonymous with unfortunate disorder is a glorified being Gollumdeformed hobbit whose role in lord of the rings collection is crucial. Thanks to the huge power One ringGollum, previously named Smeagol, developed a bloodthirsty obsession with the ornament, leading him to kill his own cousin in order to possess it. Although many believe this is no fault of his own, Gollum’s unnatural compulsive desire eventually led to a split personality.

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Trapped in an endless mental battle, Gollum’s once tolerant personality was ultimately tainted by the alluring nature of the One Ring, which rejected him like a malicious con artist who will attack and kill anyone who comes between him as his “precious” piece of persuasive jewelry.

4 Two-Face – Batman: Arkham Knight


Being one of the few real council officials Batman: Arkham Knight, Harvey DentA determined and incorruptible attempt to rid the city of crime was interrupted by a terrible acid attack, which inevitably damaged his psyche and formed an alternate persona. Not only was half of his face completely burned, but so was his mind, which had become increasingly insane over the years.

Desperate to regain control of his life, Harvey Dent, better known as Two-faced, developed a love of all things fate, heartlessly deciding most of his rough decisions and victim outcomes by flipping a coin. Although his newly found infamous name sounded everywhere GothamTwo-Face’s once caring personality tends to slip through the cracks, occasionally faltering his malicious judgments on the righteous path.

3 King K. Rule – Donkey Kong

King K. Rool

To rule the Kremlin with iron is the first King K. Roolstrong side, creating a dangerous threat to the fans Donkey Kong franchise Clearly mentally unstable, the tyrant that is King K. Rule has taken on numerous different aliases throughout the series of games, ranging from “Captain K. Rohl“to”Krusha K. Rool‘, however, almost every time he is defeated by Kongshe aims to change that again.

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With the ultimate goal of achieving complete power and dominion over your sworn enemies Donkey Kong, King K. Rule seems to believe that his aliases mask his true identity, but the only person he’s really fooling is himself, as every other alias is ultimately a separate person in his mind. Next to his frequent change of wardrobe as a result of switching aliases, his behavior, persona, and even speech patterns differ from him, further enhancing his insane nature.

2 Sigma – Overwatch


Once recognized as a recognized astrophysicist, SigmaDuring the failed experiment, the person’s mental health deteriorated sharply, which eventually led to a personality disorder. Although he can now use gravity, Supervision The unfortunate state of the hero was quarantined in a government institution so that his incomprehensible powers and distorted thinking could not harm the world.

Despite this, it is doubtful Talon the regime nevertheless penetrated his discreet stay, wrenching him from there their use for Sigma expertise were manipulative and downright mean. Now a new personality began to grow, which did not agree with the coexistence of people Omnix, and one whose persuasive nature is hard, merciless, and sometimes rude. Although it’s no fault of his own, Sigma’s altered personality suppresses his softer, science-oriented nature, shunning him as a terrorist villain.

1 Sho – Person

Sho Minazuki

Swinging a extremely combative abilities within Person series, ShoAn extremely volatile personality is the result of a poor upbringing, as he grew up in complete isolation. Due to his lack of social skills and awareness, Sho’s ability to interact with others is quite pathetic, which inevitably leads to the formation of the dark side of his mind.

Duplicated “Minazuki“, Sho’s changed personality shows his more determined, violent, and vengeful side, which often intervenes when Sho is in danger. The devotion to Minazuki Sho, whom he sees as his protector, is evident, showing how fractured his mind is to the point that he has formulated an imaginary guardian.

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