If you’re after more 90s style FPS like Dum and Earthquakenext week is worth paying attention to Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun.

It was announced for the Switch and many other platforms last June, and offers a “hardcore sprite-based experience” in the boots of a space marine. He arrives at May 23 and ahead of the Switch eShop launch, Focus Entertainment and Auroch Digital have released some new extended gameplay footage.

Here’s a little about the video above:

“The extended gameplay trailer showcases Boltgun’s ultra-smooth and modern gameplay, brought to life with gorgeous, fully 3D sprite-based visuals. Load your Boltgun, grab your Chainsword and your Grav Cannon to shoot, slice, slash, maim and destroy dynamic waves of Heretics in stunning battles across the diverse environments of the vibrant Graia Forge World.”