Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

How many decks can be connected to the Steam Deck if the Steam Deck can dock decks? Firstly, this is obviously how docks work. You can’t buy one for Valve’s PC gaming handheld yet, but they’re on the way and Valve first unveiled them at the Tokyo Game Show this week.

Doc does what you expect him to do. It keeps the Steam Deck upright when plugged in, and there are ports on the back for charging the device, connecting to the internet, and connecting to external displays. Reddit user ElderberryLarge9104 shared a photo of the ports on the back of the dock (embedded on the right) and wrote that “every device they showed off was on the dock” at the Tokyo Game Show.

Close-up photo of the ports on the back of the Steam Deck, taken at Tokyo Games Show 2022.

This is important in part because the docks are still not available for purchase. Valve announced them at the same time as Steam Deck, but stated that they would be sold separately and made available “in late spring”, a few months after Steam Deck’s launch. Then in June, Valve delayed them even more “due to parts shortages and COVID-19 shutdowns at our manufacturing facilities.”

Aside from the docks, Valve’s booth at TGS is impressive overall. James is in love with it, from “the towering scale model to the strangely impressive elegance of its logistics”. Next week at EGX in London we will have our own Steam Decks booth that will pale in comparison, but we will have 40 Steam Decks to try. (Or you can try our collection of games for alternative controllers instead.)

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