Dual pistols were introduced along with a lot of other content V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot, and they make a great addition to a player’s vampire arsenal. They shoot fast, hit hard and offer a whole new way to enjoy the game.

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Obtaining this new weapon will require a lot of effort, especially considering how V Rise got an updated progression system. Pistols aren’t locked too far into the tech tree, but getting the recipe to craft them will still take some time. Here’s how to get early versions of these weapons.


How to unlock iron pistols recipe in V Rising

Information screen for Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising

The first tier of guns are made of iron and the recipe for them can be unlocked by winning Jade is a vampire hunter, a powerful level 57 V blood boss that often patrols the roads of the Danley Farmlands. Jade uses bombs and dual pistols on her own and is really hard to deal with.

For this boss fight, players must use Damaged skull the Unholy Tree spell—it fires projectiles that summon skeleton warriors on impact, which can distract Jade from players and give them a chance to get in a few hits. Also, any shield-type defensive ability Frost protection barrier from Vincent Moroznyk can help protect players from Jade’s ranged attacks.

If possible, try to lure the boss away from the road into the desert, preferably somewhere with plenty of cover. This gives players the ability to hide from her large attacks and also minimizes the chance of running into a group of patrolling militia. After defeating Jade, she will give players the recipes for Iron Pistols and Primal Blood Essence, as well as Chaos Barrage Ultimate.

Production of iron pistols

Crafting Iron Guns in V Rising

I love all weapons are iron based, Iron Pistols are made in the Forge, which can be unlocked by defeating Quincy, the Bandit King, in the northern part of Farbane Forest. These guns are expensive 16 iron ingots and 12 boards craft like any other base weapon of the same tier.

Recipe for Merciless iron guns can drop from any boss and other viable loot sources in Danley Farms, although it can be unreliable to farm during battle or research. Instead, players can stock up Silver coins and visit a new one Farmer’s market in the region. There is a vendor there that sells a variety of recipes, including ruthless armor and weapons.

V Rise now available on PC.

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