Disney’s live-action remake Little mermaid comes alive with a new trailer. after recent actions such as Cruella and Disney+ PinocchioHouse of Mouse focuses on another beloved animated film, 1989 Little mermaid, her last big screen appearance, singer Halle Bailey took on the role of Ariel. Disney has been slowly pulling back the curtain on its live-action remake in recent months by releasing some interesting teasers and posters.

Finally, Disney released the newest (and longest) trailer for Little mermaid, the official premiere will take place during the Oscars telecast. Check it out below:

The trailer features a lot of great moments Little mermaid, including Ariel rescuing Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King) and their “Kiss the Girl” moment. However, the biggest talking point of the newly released footage may be the full reveal of Melissa McCarthy’s sea witch Ursula. Ariel’s fateful relationship with Ursula occupies the midpoint of Little mermaid trailer and gives an idea of ​​what to expect from the live-action villain.

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What the Little Mermaid trailer reveals about the new movie

Halle Bailey's Ariel

Based on the new trailer, it looks like Disney’s live action Little mermaid follows closely with its animated source material. Many of the scenes in the video above will be familiar to those who saw the original film, with Bailey even striking Ariel’s most famous pose on top of a cliff with waves crashing behind her. Little mermaid the trailer also reveals the best look at characters like Scuttle (Awkwafina). and Sebastian (David Diggs).

the core of Little mermaidthe story of has been preserved. Ariel dreams of traveling to the land and learning about the people who live there, and her interest is fueled when she saves Eric’s life. As the trailer above reiterates, Ursula preys on Ariel’s desires and bargains to give Ariel her much-coveted legs; however, it could prove too costly for the young princess. It looks like Little mermaid following in the footsteps of other remakes Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King while retaining the same beats of the previous one.

However, as some castings point out, Little mermaid some new items may be woven for this updated version. Noma Dumezweni is speculated to play Ariel’s mother, who is mentioned in the animated film but never shown. Dumezweni’s character was not featured in the new trailer, so his exact role remains a mystery. Still, Bailey confirmed it Little mermaid Ariel renewed her bow to be more progressive, so expect at least a few changes to the beloved story.

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