The Back to the Future cast, including Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, Lee Thompson and Tom Wilson, reunites in stunning convention photos.

The Back to the future the cast reunites in new convention pictures. Back to the future debuted in 1985 with Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, starring Lea Thompson, Tom Wilson and Crispin Glover. Robert Zemeckis directed the film about a 17-year-old boy who is sent 30 years into the past in a DeLorean by an eccentric scientist who tries to travel back in time and encounter younger versions of his parents. The film started a franchise, spawning two sequels, each a huge box office success.


Thompson recently took to Instagram to share photos Back to the future casting Reunion for SCIENCE EXPO Portland.

It includes pictures with it Mandalorianof Ming-Na Wen and Star TrekJonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner, Thompson added some candid photos of him and her. Back to the future casting The post also included videos of her cuddling up with Lloyd and Wilson for fans, looking happy to be with each other.

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Why Back to the Future has stood the test of time

Doc and Marty

While some viewers debate the quality of the sequels, Back to the future is almost everyone’s favorite movie. Although it contains strange elements, such as Marty’s young mother falling in love with him or his father becoming Tom, the film is considered hard to resist, and the human elements and offers a memorable sci-fi story with humor. viewing experience.

Co-written by Bob Gale Back to the future Zemeckis said the inspiration for the film came from seeing his father’s old yearbook from before they were friends in high school. The film explores these ideas, the audience responds to wish fulfillment, and the fantastical elements that make the film an interesting escape. Despite the difficult road to screens, with multiple studios taking over the script and the lead actor weeks into the shoot, Back to the future attracted the attention of the audience in a unique way.

Apart from two sequels filmed back-to-back, Back to the future continues to create new content to this day, and the films continue to hold power in the cultural zeitgeist. Back to the future customized to animated series, video games, comic books and even a stage musical. So, while the original film attracted audiences upon its release, Back to the future The IP continues through fans who continue to enjoy it in the various forms it continues to take. Back to the future it’s also one of the few franchises to avoid a reboot or remake, allowing the original to stand on its own.

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