images Jones‘ boot camp emerged and shed light on how the new UFC heavyweight champion planned his surrender Cyrillic Gane.

Returning to the ring after three years, Jones Defeated Gane by guillotine shock in the first round also UFC 285 Saturday. Former two-time light heavyweight champion, winning the main event Won the vacant heavyweight belt.

The training footage, which you can watch below, has now surfaced and revealed how Jones is. getting ready for battleHe received advice on the position that led to him surrendering Gane.

Former UFC champion Henry CejudoHe can be seen talking to his American friend through a grapple swap, which sees a new member of Jones’ team, Jones dragging Gane to the mat next to the fence.

“If you’re losing a position, you don’t want to push the position too much,” says Cejudo, an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling. “Let’s say Gane is here (in a rear body lock), go here (front hold); go to something bigger

“Know when you lose a position because the last thing you want to do, Jon, is waste power in your hands and wrists.

“Just try not to make the mistake of staying in one position for too long. You’re going to have to make that sensible decision to move on to something bigger.”

Jones, 35, knocked out Gane early in their fight, and although the Frenchman was only able to stand for a short while after that, he was soon back on the canvas.

To achieve this second takedown, Jones switched from the rear trunk lock to the front open position, as Cejudo demonstrated in the training. While 32-year-old Gane was sitting by the fence, Jones was then locked in a guillotine, forcing his opponent to touch it.

With the win, Jones became the eighth two-weight champion in UFC history. Only four fighters on this list have held both titles simultaneously, including Cejudo.

As Jones returned last week after a three-year hiatus, former smallweight and lightweight champion Cejudo will return in May for his first fight since 2020.

Cejudo, 36, is gearing up to challenge bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling.

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