The documentary will be released on March 17 alongside U2’s new album.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Disney+ released a new trailer Bono and the Edge: Homecoming with Dave Letterman, a film that follows one of Ireland’s most beloved musical exports as they strive to find their way back to a new sound. The documentary will be released on Disney+ on March 17, 2023, St. Patrick’s Day. The film will be released alongside U2’s Songs Of Surrender album, re-imagining and remastering 40 of the band’s biggest hits. recorded.

The film comes from an Academy Award-winning director Morgan Nevilleand follows the legendary late night host David Letterman On his first visit to Dublin. But Letterman wants to visit Dublin, not as a tourist Bono and Edge. Equal parts road trip film and part concert film, the film explores the city that shaped the two musicians at its center and showcases the music they’ve created over the course of their long careers.


The film also explores the relationships at the core of U2, the friendship between Bono and The Edge. Their friendship spanned over 45 years and created one of the most influential musical collaborations in modern music history. Adding to this history is David Letterman’s new perspective on the couple and the city of Dublin as musicians.

Image via Disney+


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A new trailer gives us a raw look at the upcoming documentary, which takes a look at the historic Irish city, with Bono speaking in voice-over, describing the city’s vitality and how important music and storytelling are to the city’s identity. The main question of the film is then raised by The Edge. Where do you go when you’ve already pushed the limits of success? The answer is to jump in and “pick it up”, start working on music from a whole new perspective.

The upcoming film and accompanying album will be a celebration of both yes and a reinvention of the rich musical catalog that U2 has given us over the years. It’s also a love letter to both the art of music and the city of Dublin at the heart of the film.

Bono and the Edge: Homecoming with Dave Letterman Released on March 17, 2023 for Disney+. The accompanying album, Songs Of Surrender, will be released on the same day. Nevertheless, you can watch the new trailer for the film below.