Continuing a trend he started years ago, Popular twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel is moving again and has made a public announcement to his community. Having started most of his career as a pro in eSports, xQc has gained notoriety through regular twitch streams, but the settings of those streams will soon change as before.

Although xQc often attends big events like the Streamy Awards, Twitch Rivals, and TwitchCon, he can be found on Twitch most days of the week. The streamer moved to its current home in Los Angeles last year, and since then, xQc has gone through a breakup with a Twitch follower, displayed a pile of trash before cleaning it up, and improved a Minecraft record previously installed by him. After xQc suddenly stopped streaming his last streams with foreboding warnings and his home was broken into last month, the popular Twitch streamer may be moving for a reason other than updating his home.


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In a post on Twitter, xQc confirmed that he will be leaving his home in Los Angeles, which has had “great moments and terrible moments” and, according to the successful streamer, is “better off.” The announcement follows a May 22 post in which xQc announced that its IP address had been leaked, possibly via a “random website.” Following up on his touching statement, xQc shared a GIF of Jesse Pinkman with in In all difficult times franchise rushing down the road, laughing, it’s a scene from a movie El Caminohinting that the popular Twitch streamer is desperate to leave his Los Angeles home.

The xQc community was introduced to the home of the Twitch streamer with a modified backdrop that included a large Dr Disrespect banner, a training dummy and a skeleton for most streams. This is not the first time xQc has moved during his successful career on Twitch, as it moved from Quebec to Texas and Los Angeles, but its next destination is unknown. As his xQc location was revealed and he received further hits, the location change seems to be related to his security and privacy, which is a big reason for several Twitch streamers to move.

One of the potential problems with his location in Los Angeles could be due to the technical disaster that xQc suffered last year, or the fact that the Twitch streamer has already stated that Los Angeles is not for him. However, doxing was noted as a major problem. The former Supervision League about suggested he might return to Quebec, Canada, but did not specify where that might help him avoid future security and privacy concerns.

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