Fans will finally be able to hold this guide in their hands.

In a tweet published on Tuesday morning, the American publisher and company Fangamer made public deluxe physical edition famous indie title Tunic. The edition will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, and all pre-orders ⁠ — currently open — are set to ship on July 28.

Shortly after this statement, the official Fangamer Twitter account discovered hardcover edition Tunic manual, which will also ship on July 28th. Priced at $19.00, this hardcover edition of the manual should come in a “rugged” case, as described on Fangamer web store. While all physical copies of Tunic will indeed include a stapled copy of the manual, this particular hardcover version is only available separately and as such will not be included in the deluxe physical edition.


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In addition to a physical copy of the game and a storage case, the deluxe edition also includes a Controls and Concepts booklet, a set of 12 sticker sheets, an instruction booklet, and a code for the digital game. a copy of the game’s soundtrack and a fold-out Overworld and Dungeon Map covering individual parts of the game, all tucked into an exclusive PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch branded Tuck Box, depending on the version purchased. The deluxe edition is priced at $45.00 and pre-orders are currently available Fangamer web store.

First run as a digital exclusive in March 2022 for Windows, Mac, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One ⁠— before being ported to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in September ⁠— Tunic is an isometric adventure game developed by Andrew Shouldice and originally published by the indie company Finjiwhich previously published such modern indie classics as Night in the forest and Chicory: a colorful fairy tale.

Upon its release, “Tunica” received critical acclaim a truly unique game guide, which must be collected page by page throughout the game to unlock new abilities, hidden areas, and gradually more and more of the game’s story. This particular guide will be included in the deluxe physical edition as a stapled booklet ⁠— or it can be pre-ordered separately as a hardcover book with an exclusive slipcase.

Late last year, Tunic was nominated for several The Game Awards, such as Best Indie Game and Best Action/Adventure Game. It later received an award for Outstanding Achievement in an Independent Game at this year’s DICE Awards.

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