Tip of the Day: Don’t take self defense lessons from anyone named Kurt Lightning.

Please don’t break it bring their own unique brand of comedy Saturday Night Live and it’s usually just a simple sketch and it goes downhill from there. a group of Ben Marshall, John Higginsand Martin Herlihynewer for Saturday Night Live but we already know what to expect from this crew. It’s always weird and always weird, but the hosts love to do their own creepy sketches.

This week with the host Travis Kelcethe sketch saw the group concerned about how they were being disrespected by those present Saturday Night Live. When they asked the interns for coffee, they insulted them and basically told them to get it themselves. The problem is that they are more concerned with disrespecting the interns than anything else going on in their lives.


So they decide to go to a self-centered class taught by Kurt Lightning (Kelce). The ad said it would help them build confidence, and so they all went to class. What they don’t expect is for them to be completely destroyed by Lightning’s methods, questioning their morality in the matter. Actually, they have to punch an old lady and they don’t know exactly what to do with it.

Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy
Image via NBC

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When Higgins goes up as part of Lightning’s display, he is knocked out to the point of appearing almost dead, lying on the ground with his eyes open and motionless. Trying to protect his friend, Marshall goes to check on him and is called next in Lightning’s hit block. He is knocked out in the same way, and Herlihy is terrified of what will happen next.

For Herlihy, his job is to punch an old lady in the face. He asks Yashin if he’s going to block the punch because he didn’t mean to hurt her, and when he goes to do it, he blocks it himself and turns it off behind him. Fortunately, both Higgins and Marshall are alive and well and finally find their trust. They get “approval” from the interns, and then they throw whatever coffee they want at them. It’s funny, weird, and a perfect example of why Please Don’t Destroy sketches work the way they do. Check out the sketch below: