A new trailer for the veteran drama is out Line correctionplayed the main role Brian Cox (Succession) and The walls of Sinqua (Young wolf, White men can’t jump). They are added Perry Mattfeld (In the dark), Chris Galust (Give me Freedom), Patricia Heaton (Everyone loves Raymond), and Wes Studi (A Million Ways to Die in the West).

Check out the synopsis:

“In the film, wounded veteran John Kotler returns to the States, still carrying the demons of war, excited by the daily expectations of friendship and love interests. In Livingston, Montana, she meets Ike, a gruff, headstrong fly fisherman twice her age, and Lucy, a gifted photographer and librarian who reads aloud to veterans, both struggling in their own ways. As he heals his physical and mental wounds, Colter just wants to get back into the fold, to have something to die for. But the real challenge is finding something to live on.”

It sounds like a really good drama about the struggles of PTSD in our veterans. It’s an important story and it seems to be very well written and acted. Watch and watch the trailer of the movie below Line correction In theaters June 9.