A Conservative MP praised the “Best Game of the Year episode”. Gary Lineker withdrawn from BBC show criticism stateimmigration policy.

Lineker withdrew from presenting BBC Sportsflagship program one row with hierarchy For his comments on Twitter, where he compared the language used in the conservatives’ new “stop the boats” policy to Germany in the 1930s.

match of the day After the staff pulled out of some of the BBC’s sports broadcasts in solidarity with Lineker’s right to express their views, it continued in an abbreviated 20-minute, highlights-only format without a studio presentation or post-match interviews.

Scott Benton, Conservative MP for Blackpool South, tweeted to praise the news, writing: “There were goals. No ‘expert’ analysis. And I finished faster than ever so I can get the bar ready for final orders. What is there not to like?”

on Sundays 2. Match of the Day While the scheduled broadcast of the Women’s Super League match between Chelsea and Manchester United will be broadcast without a pre-match presentation, it is also expected to be broadcast in a reduced format.

Uncertainty is over 2. Match of the Day It grew after host Mark Chapman was absent from BBC radio duties and Jermain Defoe announced he was withdrawing from appearing as an expert on the Featured programme.