Fans often use memes to poke fun at their favorite franchises, and Screen Rant best memories of the week. run the gamut of popular franchises from Guardians of the Galaxy, Breaking Bad, Oppenheimer, and everything in between, memes have become almost a second language for members of fandoms. They can serve many purposes, from poking fun at the illogical aspects of movies, shows, and books to referencing moments that are beloved, famous, or just plain funny. Regardless of their end goal, memes are a useful way for viewers to thank their favorite characters.

Regardless of the type of media they are usually referencing, memes can often range from deep jokes to silly puns and even gags that are funny because of the absurdity. Although the goal of a meme is to make it as accessible to the masses as possible, the use of referential humor makes them special for any fan of the franchise in the meme’s cross section. The circulation of memes also reveals which new franchises and trends, which old ones remain popular on the Internet, and what fans think about popular movies and series. Here are the best memes of the week.

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10 Appearance of Avengers: Captain America and Groot

best memories of the week

Some of the best memes of the week are simple but effective jokes, and this is one of them. It’s funny because neither Tony nor Steve had any idea who Groot was age of ultron, released a year after the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The meme also implies that Cap might take on Groot, mentioning his disappointment in this scene. By simply juxtaposing Groot’s name with Cap’s memorable angry woodchopping scene from MCU Phase 2, this meme does a lot with very little.

9 Rocket Raccoon has no respect for Emperor Palpatine

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Many of the best memes of the week combine great moments from various movies to hilarious results. It’s a reference to Emperor Palpatine giving Anakin his awesome Sith Lord name, and one of the best moments of comic relief. Avengers: Infinity War. During the Infinity Saga, Rocket Racoon asked Peter Quill if he was making his voice deeper when talking to Thor. Rocket saying that line to Emperor Palpatine, then Palpatine reacting with Star-Lord’s trademark maturity, is a game set in a galaxy far, far away. Facing the rocket Star Wars big bad could also be a hint that Rocket Raccoon is the real hero Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

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8 Lord of the Rings Elves of Sindar probably drink like pirates

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At first glance, this meme just makes Orlando Bloom laugh The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean characters fall into the same archetype. It’s also funny to imagine that Will Turner is just Legolas after a rum or two. However, what makes this one of the best memories of the week is that it’s not just a callback to Legolas and Gimli’s drinking game. lord of the rings, but a reference to how Legolas is Prince of Mirkwood, a noble Sindar elf who regularly drinks much stronger wine than ale for humans and dwarves. In this scene, Peter Jackson implied that elf royalty would drink like pirates.

7 Zoe Saldana’s Disney Empire

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This meme is a reminder of the films record-breaking box office success Avatar, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avengers: Endgame, and Avengers: Infinity War. One of the best memes of the week focuses on Zoe Saldana’s performance in these Disney movies, taking an unforgettable scene. Breaking Bad, Disney as Walter White and Zoe Heisenberg as Skyler staring at the ridiculously huge stacks of cash he’s amassed from his meth empire. However, given how Walt made all this money, this meme can also make fun of Disney’s sometimes terrible reputation.

6 What powers the Batmobile?

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No list of the best memes of the week would be complete without at least one reference to classic comic book superhero tropes. In fact, Batman’s camp era was full of “Bat” gadgets for every occasion, like the Batarang, the Batwing, the Batmobile, and the list goes on. Playing as his naive sidekick, Robin mistakes the battery for one of Batman’s bat-themed gadgets, reminding the Dark Knight of this hilarious time in DC Comics. It’s fun to imagine that Robin knows exactly what buttons to push to trigger Bruce’s reaction. It’s a timely meme given James Gunn’s plans for an adaptation Bold and brave.

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5 What’s worse than toasting an empire?

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When Imperial officer Valin Hess taunts Maifeld Mandalorian, Maifeld shot the man in the heart, even though he and Dean Djarin were supposed to be hidden. Undoubtedly one of the best memes of the week, this one-liner works because it irreverently breaks the ice in one of the most intense dramatic scenes. mandalorian, Maifeld suggested that Valin would have shot Hess if he had admitted to dipping his pizza in ketchup instead of toasting the empire. In fact, it was Mayfeld’s greatest and most heartfelt moment, played to perfection by legendary comedian Bill Burr. Mandalorian he could actually act alongside such screen icons as Pedro Pascal and Richard Brake.

4 “Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!”

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Some of the week’s best memes are both funny and heartbreaking. After the first one Guardians of the Galaxy the film established Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon’s tumultuous relationship, with their comical back-and-forth culminating in this moment. It’s still funny, but ultimately it shows when Star-Lord and Rocket decide to become the titular characters of a new MCU franchise. It also works because Starlord is the last person the audience would expect to make sense, let alone make the most logical arguments in a Marvel movie. in the light Guardians of the Galaxy 3 However, this meme may have come too soon for some viewers.

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3 Vin Diesel may be the most successful actor of all time

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Vin Diesel continues to rise above the acting challenge of portraying Groot and having only three words of dialogue throughout his entire MCU career. However, one of the best memes of the week made it to the list, showing how these three words have been very useful for the actor. From Huell Babineaux by Lavell Crawford breaking Bad Acting as a surrogate for viewers to imagine what it’s like to lie on top of cash, this meme gives fans a glimpse of what it must be like to play Groot.

2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4: Controllers of the Solar System

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Not only is it one of the best memories of the week, but it’s a classic that has earned its place once again thanks to its release. Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The meme pokes fun at cosplayers and is the perfect response to any discussion about the future of the Guardians as an MCU team. However, while the so-called Guardians of the Solar System look like off-brand imitations of the Starlord crew, they are actually stunt doubles for the actors in the films – some call them true Guardians of the Galaxy.

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1 I became the Green Goblin, destroyer of worlds

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In the upper part best memories of the week What unites the films is the irreverence Oppenheimer, Barbie, and 2002 years spider man, Starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin and Rosemary Harris as Aunt May. The image violently references the dark moments when the goblin bombarded Aunt May, then taunted her to say her nightly prayer. This is great because the memory of Aunt May in this scene reflects the wholesome innocence that this scene exudes. barbie, Oppenheimer himself, like Norman Osborn, struggled with his evil side.