Tommy Wiseauthe man behind it, perhaps (best) worst movie, is back with a new feature. This time it goes from shadowy would-be mates to looming giant sea creatures Big Shark. Ahead of the film’s release, the first trailer was released. And as you’ve probably already guessed, it’s definitely going to be a wild ride.

Big Shark simple enough in its premise. As the title suggests, the movie will feature a really big shark that wreaks havoc New Orleans. The story first follows three firemen – Georgie, Patrick and Tim – who come face to face with this shark. Wiseau wrote, directed and starred in the film as Patrick. Georgi plays Mark ValerianoAnd Tim plays Isaiah LaBorde.


The trailer itself doesn’t give much away, though it does raise a few questions. It opens with a couple of guys getting ready to start a boxing match. Because what’s a Wiseau movie without some sports? As this happens, dramatic shots of the city intermingle, giving rise to suspicion of the shark’s arrival. Of course, shark appears and goes out for blood. But we will have to wait to know exactly how the film will terrorize the city.

Big Shark written in big red letters over a muddy river

Image via TPW Films

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Big Shark After Wiseau’s directorial debut, it was his second time as a director on the popular classic. Room. released in 2003, Room Visa’s Johnny, a man of some sort, is excited to marry his future wife, Lisa (Juliette Danielle). However, Lisa is cheating on Johnny with his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). Although the film was poorly received at the time, it became a staple of midnight screenings across the country. He later wrote a book together with Sestero Tom Bissell, Disaster artist, film production chronicle. It was later adapted into a film of the same name James and Dave Franco. A processed Roomled by Bob Odenkirkalso on the way.

Big Shark Will have slow production

The film is currently slated to release on April 2 Movie 21 in Portland, Oregon. It will be in previews at the Prytania Theaters and Canal Square in New Orleans on April 28 and 29, the Balboa Theater in San Francisco on May 5 and 6, and the Landmark Westwood and Angelica’s East Village in Los Angeles on June 2 and 3. August 10-12 in New York. Per Diversity, Wiseau plans to attend “premiere-to-premiere” shows, with the entire show running for a total of eight months. This will culminate in the release of the “Official Final Version”, which has no estimated date.

Watch the trailer Big Shark below: