Tom Kim admitted that after an embarrassing incident in Oak Hill, he misses the anonymity of playing in tournaments that are not widely televised.

Kim unwittingly provided the first day’s viral moment. USA PGA Championship On the sixth day of par-four, after a faulty tee shot on the 15th of day.

World No 19 thought he could play his ball from the edge of danger, but discovered that the ground was much softer and muddier than he had anticipated.

Television footage noted that Kim emerged with her legs covered in mud and continued to roll over as she decided she could find a cleaner place in the creek to wash her legs and pants.

“I think the world has seen enough already,” Kim joked as the footage was shown talking to Sky Sports after 73 rounds.

“But I hit the mud and I was hoping I could find it. I couldn’t find it, and there was a moment when my legs got stuck in the mud and I couldn’t get myself out for a minute.

“I was talking to Joe (Skovron, his assistant) and I said I could get in the water and bathe and take a bath there. I’ve definitely had better days.”

The incident occurred shortly before the game was suspended late Thursday evening, and Kim, hoping there would be no footage, added: “I miss the days when I played in a Round without a Camera.”