The CW’s popular superhero series, Flash, brings things to a thrilling conclusion. In the show’s four-part finale, Grant GustinBarry Allen with his greatest enemy Reverse-Flash (Tom Kavanagh), has returned to Central City to make the titular character’s life hell once again. As the award-winning series came to an end, Kavanagh always knew he would return to the show one day to fight The Flash, and expressed his desire to tell the Reverse-Flash story in a spin-off.

The actor’s return to the show was an early parting gift for fans who followed the demonstration Since its debut in 2014. But for him, he always knew that the day would come when he would return. in an interview with Submission deadline; termination period, the actor was asked to elaborate on how he felt when he got the call to appear on the show for the last time. He said, “I always knew it was going to be this way. (The show) started between the Flash and the Reverse-Flash for the whole of Season 1. I think that was one of the best, tightest scripts we’ve ever had on The Flash. . Season 1 is so exciting, and in a weird way, on TV, simple is sometimes better.”


Kavanagh, who worked with the show’s executive producer Greg Berlanti in several shows, he expected his character to be like a Joker and Batman situation, where “Joker needs Batman” to make their rivalry the focal point of the story. So when Berlanti came up with the idea of ​​introducing different characters on the show, the actor added:

“To make the first season successful and bring it back, there was a sense of, ‘Okay, we can’t do this again.’ So I said, “Okay, thanks. Good for everyone. I wish you nothing but success.” But then Greg had the idea of ​​coming up with different (characters). I created a few of them in this run. But the understanding was always: The Joker needs Batman. So (the last one) we came up with seems a lot in the way. With Reverse-Flash. So I always knew it was going to be what Greg and I agreed on at the beginning.

Grant Gustin in the Flash series finale
Image via CW

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In a possible Reverse-Flash spin-off, the actor added that he is ready to return once again and don a “cool and elegant yellow suit” to tell the story of Reverse-Flash. He continued:

“The nice thing about playing a main villain is that the departure is never final. Even to this day, if you watch the finale, you’ll know that this kind of explosion isn’t going to kill Reverse-Flash. So there’s always. Reverse-Flash room for a spin-off, I’m ready to once again put on that cool and elegant yellow suit and tell the story of the Reverse-Flash spin-off.

Why is the return of Reverse-Flash a great way to end Barry Allen’s story?

Although The Flash has had his fair share of enemies Throughout the nine seasons of the show, the Reverse-Flash remains his greatest enemy for one reason only: the antagonist’s primary goal is to torment the titular character forever. This is especially true when he travels back in time to ruin Barry Allen’s life whenever he wants. And bring it back inside series finale it also makes for an interesting storyline for the character to fight his Season 1 nemesis to end things once and for all.

Flash Showed the series finale yesterday.