Farming Simulator 23 became even more realistic than before. A realistic game about what it’s like to grow a farm for mass production will inevitably become difficult. There are tons of vehicles and animals to work with with just a quick guide at hand.

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This guide details what you should do in your early days as a real farmer. The game can get pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, you can live your farm life however you want, and with these tips you can better determine what you want to do next.

What to do with wheat for beginners

Farming Sim 23 harvesting wheat

To begin with, there is a whole plot of land full of wheat. You can sell everything just like you did in the tutorial, but there are other options. If you want an edge in animal husbandry, you’ll want it save some of this grain as feed for your starter chickens.


If you want to feed it to your chickens, you will need to purchase a baler turn it into hay bales and then bring it to the chicken pasture. If you are not interested in investing in early stage animals and want to sell, keep an eye on the land. It will weeds begin to grow and it will need to be plowed and cleared.

How to start livestock farming

farming sim 23 pallet with one pack of eggs next to the chicken in the pen

Let’s start with the fact that you have two young hens and one rooster. A rooster is not needed for breeding in the game. Your two chickens are also too young to lay eggs. Chickens are the cheapest animal to buy, $50, so you must buy at least one mature chicken from the store.

You can’t actually harvest the eggs you produce until you purchase a palletizing vehicle, such as a forklift. The eggs your chickens produce will sit on a tray outside the fence. To start buying other animals, you will need to buy ready-made pantries and much is at stake.

Go to the map and select the Points of Interest tab to find the cowshed, horse barn, piggery and sheep barn on the map. Unlocking all of them will cost you some money, and there are also farm plots full of ready-made crops nearby. Buy one of these barns and then you can buy animals from the barn.

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Choose different machines for different tasks

farming sim 23 packing shop

There are many different machines that perform different tasks. You don’t need to buy them all. It depends on what you want to get out of your farm. You start with the essentials; seeder, reaper, cultivator.

To continue your farming enterprise, you will need to purchase fertilizer and a sprayer eventually. You can use cow dung or regular fertilizer to increase the yield of your crops. Sprayers will spray herbicide to prevent weeds from sprouting and destroying your fields. These are the first things to buy.

Other machines meet your wishes. IS Machinery for forestry and machinery for livestock, which are optional. The rest will be allowed to be produced and transported in various ways. The more money you have, the bigger machines you can get to make farming easier as the season progresses.

Weather affects your farm

farming sim 23 cultivator in snow and cultivator in autumn

A new system has been introduced to make the game even more realistic than before. Now you can access the Weather forecast to see how the next days and months will play out. When it rains, you can harvest, but it will cost half of what you would normally collect.

Seasons will change, visual effects on your farm will change. You start in the warmer months and eventually head into fall and winter. Your crops are seasonalthat is, you must plant the correct crops for that month.

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You can change the timeline

Farming Sim 23 first person at night with a cultivator sitting on the road next to a white car

This is definitely one of the most important things to look out for. Everyone has a busy life and work to get to. If you go into settings, the first option will be the timeline. This allows you to to make the days pass faster or slower. If you’re looking for a grind and don’t have enough time to regularly play through seasons, you can make the time faster.

You can also adjust it so that the in-game time matches the real time. Speed ​​reaches 2x slow and 90x. Nothing is off limits in this game. You can change things as you see fit to better suit your play style.

The basics of the second day

farming sim 23 land cultivation

Weeds or new crops may start growing all over your plots. You’ll want to get started removing any weeds and prepare your first real bounty yourself. Use a cultivator, which is a smaller green truck, to remove grass from plots.

Even though there is plenty of scope to expand and acquire other plots, you are given a lot for just one person. You can use AI workers to help you get started, but using them will drain your money every second as you have to pay them an hourly rate. When you’re starting out, it’s best to do things yourself without using AI until you have a solid production line.

If you don’t spend money to do livestock farming on the side, you must buy your first new car; or fertilizer or sprayer.

You can fertilize crops with manure, but there will still be no cow or pig. An ordinary fertilizer will do.

The the lowest fertilizer spreader costs $25,000. The sprayer will spray herbicide to prevent weeds from killing your produce, which can be purchased for $39,000 in the plant protection section of the store.

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