Tim Allen explains his confusion Light year still praising its co-star Chris Evans. Allen was the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the original Toy story movies, playing a toy astronaut for four movies. As Toy story The universe has expanded by 2022 Light year, so the voice content has expanded. Instead of Allen portraying Buzz again, Evans brought an alternate version of the character to life.


talk to Daily MailAllen expresses the confusion surrounding the film Light year as a whole. Allen admits that “Chris (Evans) did a great job playing the supporting part“,” the actor claims that the film “really confusing” he and the rest of the original Toy story the crew. Check out Allen’s full quote below:

They were two completely different films. And Chris did a great job in the supporting role. On the Toy Story side of things, we were all very confused, which one was the truth? I’m a screenwriter, so if Buzz is real, then his version of Chris was confusing to me as an actor.

Tim Allen has every right to be confused about Lightyear

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This isn’t the first time Allen has struck out Light year. Shortly after the film’s release, Allen stepped forward to criticize Light yearsay “No Buzz without Woody“. In short, Allen was claiming it Light year was completely different from Toy story the universe he knew. His true mood is confirmed by his latest interview, in which he mentions it Toy story and Light year were two completely different films“.

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In both cases, Allen is fully justified in his displeasure Light year. The title alone doesn’t say it Toy story full of toys, but first important aspects the story of the film is related to the fact that Buzz and his companions are plastic toys. In Toy story 3, the central drama is Andy going off to college and no longer needing his old toys. Buzz himself had a major crisis of conscience in the 1995s. Toy story, he realizes that he is actually a toy who has never visited galaxies beyond infinity and beyond.

Telling Buzz about a real astronaut feels like a complete departure from the original. Toy story premise, thus making Allen’s confusion understandable. No wonder Light year went to the box office during its theatrical performance. I hope, Toy story 5Allen is expected to return, returning enough of the original canon to redeem the franchise from its missteps. Light year.

Source: Daily Mail