Tiger Woods He admitted that his return to top-level golf after the final round of 73 at the Genesis Invitational was physically more difficult than he said.

Woods suffered multiple fractures to his right leg and ankle in a car accident. Los Angeles Two years ago, and for the rest of his career, he was content to play in only a few events a year.

The 15-time big winner showed a moment of his genius. rivierahe found it difficult to walk the 18 holes for five consecutive days without a wheelbarrow, especially in the third round of 67, but in his first event since the Open Championship last summer.

“It’s moving in the right direction,” Woods told reporters. “It was probably a little harder than I thought.

“My team has been great at toning my body day by day and preparing me to play every day. That’s the hard part that I couldn’t simulate at home.

“Even if I play for four days at my house, it’s not the same as adrenaline, not the same as upgrading the system like this, with the intensity, just the focus needed to play at that level.”

Woods was not asked if he would attend another PGA Tour event before the Masters in April, adding: “As I told you last year, I probably won’t be playing majors and maybe a few more.

“That’s it, that’s all my body allows me to do. My back is like this, all the surgeries I have had on my back, my leg is like this, I can’t do it. This will just be my future.

“Last year my goal was to play in all four majors, I won three quarters of it. Hopefully I can get all four this year and maybe sprinkle a few on here.

“But that’s it for the rest of my career. I know and understand this. This is just my truth.”