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These old wallpapersArlo Guthrie’s New Orleans is about the journey of the eponymous train heading south down the Mississippi from Illinois to Louisiana. For me, one particular couplet has always captured the romance of playing cards on a long road trip:

Card games with old people in a club car
Penny for a point, no one keeps score

When you travel, you play cards to pass the time and it’s fun… enough, but it’s not really about who wins and who loses. It’s just an excuse to chat without having to carry on a conversation as the miles go by.

This is how I feel about That Old Wallpaper, the new card game from AEG, developed by Danielle Delhi and Nathan Thornton. It’s like the kind of game you’d be happy to find in a rented beach house if you forgot to pack any games and were afraid of the weekend when you’d have to talk to your family, or something perfect for a long train ride. , but not something you’d look forward to for your weekly game night, when instead you could play something you could really sink your teeth into.

Gameplay overview:

Mechanically, it is quite simple to learn and easy to teach. Each player chooses one large card numbered 1 to 10 each turn (for 6 turns) and does so over 3 rounds, so there are 18 turns in total. Every turn you try to avoid picking the same number as any other player and using those numbered cards to bet on smaller cards with wallpaper patterns on them. You then place the wallpaper cards you win on the painting you create. You are trying to match the left and right halves of the wallpaper pattern, keeping in mind that your score depends on the balance between the large and small symbols of each color. The winner will be the player who manages to use luck (or skill) to collect stacks that accumulate additional cards, especially if that player can also get a lot of wallpaper with matching patterns on both the vertical and horizontal sides of the cards. selected.

Gameplay old wallpaper
Each color is worth points depending on which template you made smaller.

Game Experience:

You set up the game by giving all players their 10 numbered cards and having them take five of them, shuffling a large pile of wallpaper cards and dealing as many cards (face up) as there are players, and placing a large round token. for each player in order of age, from youngest to oldest.

Players then play three rounds of six turns while simultaneously offering one of the five numbered cards in their hand, with the idea that if you bid the lowest card in a given bid, you will receive the face-up wallpaper card closest to the wallpaper deck. cards, if you bet the highest card you get the farthest up card, and if you bet the ones in the middle you get the cards in between in numerical order. With a normal flop of cards and a normal set of numbered cards, everyone will get one card, but not every flop or bid is normal, and that’s where the wrinkles come in.

This old wallpaper setup
Set up for a three player game.

• Fold number 1: If a wallpaper card has a red oval in the middle, you add another card to its column, repeating this until you pull out a card without an oval. Some columns will have extra cards, which tend to lure players into aiming their numbered cards at those more attractive targets, creating more draws.

• Drawback number 2: When players tie, only one of them gets wallpaper cards. Whoever has the disk closest to the deck can choose one of the stacks of even wins, while the other player(s) will receive a “foggy memory” card, a kind of prize with one wild pattern on it instead of the usual four. patterns. It’s much less good. The winner’s disk is then moved to the end of the line, so that player loses on the next tie.

Once players receive their wallpaper cards, they begin to create patterns out of them, aiming to balance the large and small patterns of each color, because the score is always based on the smaller of each pattern that you accumulate for each color. So if you have four large green patterns but only two small ones, your green bill is based on having only two small ones. This requires you to plan before you place your bets and react when you don’t get the card you wanted.

Assessment of old wallpaper
No one scores a penny a point, except for the fact that I easily won the second game with a score of 32-19! (Granny Bot does not keep score as Player 3.)

The wallpaper cards also have some gold patterns that act as wildcards that match anything (except other gold patterns), as well as some special symbols that add points at the end of the game, separate from the pattern matching item. The player with the most of these ovals (the ones that add extra cards to the card stacks) will lose 2 points, while the player with the fewest ovals will get 2 points.

Whether you’re on a train or at the beach, this old wallpaper can be the perfect addition to your main activity – travel or vacation. The game moves quickly – 18 simultaneous moves over 3 rounds – so you can play the game once to get a feel for how it works, then try again once everyone knows the rules. If the train still has 500 miles to go before the end of the day, you have a fun little game to keep you company, but if you’re at home and have other games you could play, you might consider trading something friend. Because while “These Old Wallpapers” is easy to learn and easy to learn, it’s not all that appealing as a base game.

At least not for me. It was definitely fun enough to pass the time, but not something I cared enough about to burn brain cells to try and win. I played with my sister-in-law when she had a cold and she didn’t want to do much, which seemed like another great use for this old wallpaper – it’s kind of an easy filler game you can play if you’re feeling a little out of sorts. at ease and just want to spend time with a friend without too much stress. Or maybe play with a teenager who has gone through Crazy 8s but is not yet ready to play poker.

Final thoughts:

This old wallpaper is meant for 3 to 5 player play but there is a nice 2 player ruleset where you play as a bot named “Grandma” who doesn’t care if she wins or not as long as everyone has a good time and it really is what I felt too. Maybe I’m just becoming a grandfather.

Final score: 3 stars – I’ll give this a perfectly average 3. There’s nothing wrong with the game. It just didn’t do anything special. Like old wallpaper.

3 starsHits:
• The cards have beautiful patterns.
• I see that this game can be played with teenagers/younger teenagers or even younger children if you don’t care who wins.
• It might also be fun as a drinking game.

• It was great, but nothing more, and so while I would love to play it, I don’t see myself ever asking to play it.
• I didn’t ride the train and pass the paper bag, otherwise I would have enjoyed it much more.

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