If your Dungeons and Dragons group loves puzzles and escape rooms, I have an adventure for you to try. Alison Collantine and Jeff C. Stevens who wrote Flummox Heist’s amazing temple for D&D bands to enjoy. In this one-shot, you’ll find nine original puzzles that prepare the adventuring party to become ritual victims of the titular Flummox Heist. Don’t worry, there are combat encounters and even a tips app for when the party needs a little help.

Challenge your players and their heroes with a clever mix of puzzles, combat, and role-playing in a one-off adventure for characters at level 3, 4, 5, or 6 that will delight escape room fans and solve mystery adventures at home. .

The characters travel through a mysterious underground temple filled with nine carefully designed original puzzles, each presented as beautifully rendered graphics and all carefully woven into the story. In doing so, they unknowingly prepare themselves for a ritual sacrifice by Flummox Heist, a scheming priest hidden in the center of the temple.

You can shop Flummox Heist’s amazing temple From the DMs Guild (affiliate link) $4.95.