The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. That means it’s an exciting, addictive, fast-paced shooter. However, while you’re more than capable of fighting back as you ride this twisted, horror-infused roller coaster, you’ll still face a number of real threats.

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Indeed, Switchback happily fills the screen with villains coming at you from all directions and throwing projectiles at you from afar. It’s a great time, but it can also be a real challenge. On the plus side, we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks to help you get the best experience possible.


Play while seated, but select standing

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, Game Zone Customization Grid for PSVR2

You may have furrowed your brow a bit after reading the title of this chapter. It is clear. But here’s the thing: the options for a seated VR setup at the time of writing aren’t large enough for most adults. This means that when you fully extend your arms, you will encounter a virtual wire cage. It is SUPER immersive.

Since you can’t currently change the settings of seated VR, you’re much better off setting up your own gaming area. Just sit down, select the standing play area option, and when you’ve set up your play area, push the boundaries so that your area extends behind the couch. It touch jenko, but the end result is a much smoother game.

We didn’t want to give another setup entry, so we’ll just add this tip here… Make sure you can fully extend both arms outward. You don’t want to touch a piece of furniture while playing. It sucks.

In this regard, if you have children, you need to explain to them that you cannot see anything and are going to wave your arms. Make sure they know that ‘pranks’ would be reckless as they could accidentally end up in the ‘danger zone’. You don’t want your seven-year-old to catch a straight right.

Stabilize and squint

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, stabilize your shots with the other hand

You know when you’re watching an action movie and the hero has his gun hand on his forearm as he takes aim? Well, guess what? This really helps a lot in stabilizing your shots. So, when it comes to taking a long shot, stabilize your weapon by placing your aiming hand on your other forearm. The same Closing one eye so you can better line up your shots with your gun sights will greatly improve your accuracy.

Now you have two guns and the game makes sure you use them, but when you’re not swarmed you’re much better off sacrificing one of them to make your shots better. This is especially true when you see those glowing pentagrams in the distance. Improving your stability will help you hit them more consistently.

You don’t have to look where you’re shooting!

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, shooting behind you

Do you want to talk about something that will change the rules of the game? Here is this tip. If you’re playing a traditional game, you need to watch where you’re shooting. The two actions are synonymous. This is not the case in VR. You can look one way while shooting another.

Have you noticed new enemies surrounding you while you’re still trying to take care of the last one? Are you often attacked by villains? Well, the next time you unload on abominations, instead of looking at them with loving eyes, keep shooting, but also look left and right. This will instantly improve your ability to control waves of enemies.

Destroy everything

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, bottle shooting

Obviously, you’re going to target things that have those glowing pentagram markers on them, but while all the other scattered items may cost less points, they’re still worth points. So, if you see something may be destroyed, then you should destroy it

however, one thing you have to keep in mind is that although the game doesn’t give you a score based on your accuracy, your score multiplier will drop if you miss too many shots. However, you should still not be afraid of unloading. Sometimes you will be racing around the track. You’re not going to be able to hit every single thing going a hundred miles an hour. It’s about a smart choice of moments for unloading.

Headphones really help

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, PSVR2 with headphones

Look, we understand, maybe you have responsibilities at home that make it irresponsible to block everything around you. If that’s the case, the Switchback, being a sit-down game, will at least facilitate the surround sound system relatively effectively. These options can be selected in the options menu. However, wearing headphones while playing gives you a much improved sense of presence, it will also make it much easier to tell when enemies are approaching you from the side.

Another thing to consider is that there are sections in the game where you need to be quiet. If you’re playing without headphones, then the PSVR2 helmet is going to pick up those sounds on the mic and it’s going to blow your cover. however, you can mute the microphone, so if headphones aren’t an option, that’s a workaround.

A stack of weapons

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, Collect new weapons

You may find yourself in a situation where you already have two special weapons and there is another weapon crate. If you fire a weapon from a weapon of the same type, it will simply refill your ammo supply. However, if you have a different type of weapon, it will replace your current weapon, but you won’t lose it!

When your current special weapon runs out of ammo, if you had another special weapon in the same hand before you picked it up, it will be returned to you. So, you never have to worry about “losing” your special weapon. There’s no reason not to shoot those crates!

Give ‘Em The Old’ One Two

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, Smacking A Zombie

So don’t get us wrong, you want to use your weapon whenever possible, but if the enemy is already in front of you, you can push them away and then unload into them. You’re not Rocky, it’s not a rail boxing title, but it’s a useful tactic to get a little distance. Especially when you need a cartridge fix.

So, if a two-headed ghoul ever pops up in front of you and you’re slapping yourself silly and wondering what to do, shooing it away might be a viable solution.

Fight with all the power of your weapon

Dark Pictures Switchback VR, chopping up a two-headed zombie with an uzi

One of the biggest mistakes players are likely to make early on is buying two fully automatic pistols and pulling both triggers as they grope for their favorite Scarface quotes. Which is definitely a lot of fun. But hey, guess what? Only about twenty percent of those bullets hit, and now the undead get extremely close to your pallet.

For a weapon like the Uzi, it’s much better to let enemies get close before firing at them. This way all the bullets will actually land, shredding the enemies. This isn’t always possible, like in the first boss fight, but when it is, this approach will get you more money.

Since special weapons are limited, if you find yourself in a scenario where you have a normal pistol in your other hand, you should try to use it for most of your scenery-destroying shenanigans.

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