England Captain Ben Stokes I had no doubts to ask New Zeland Continuing with assistant coach despite the home team’s brave fight at Wellington Paul Collingwood insisting that the attacking option is always the first choice.

In the middle of the third morning of the second Test, Stokes sent the home team back to the club with a 226-round deficit, hoping to score a series-rending win before the day was out.

This was fully in line with his tenure as captain and he was pulling every arm available for positive results, including his bold statement earlier this match.

So far this mentality has served England well with 10 wins from 11 Tests under his leadership, but New Zealand has done its best to derail their plans. On the stumps, they were just 24 in 202 to three, with a 149 lap stop between openers. Tom Latham and Devon Conway putting hard yards on the bowlers’ legs.

There is more work ahead of them to consolidate their advantages, but Collingwood said: “Everything was very clear this morning. Stokesy spoke to the guys and said, ‘If we have a chance to continue, we will implement it.’

“He was very clear on that, and that’s the approach of Stokesy and Baz (Brendon McCullum, head coach). They want the aggressive option and hope to win the game today. It didn’t happen, but we’re still in great shape.

“The mantra of this team is to always take an aggressive approach and there was no doubt in Stokesy’s mind that he would go that way if we had the opportunity.

“We’ve always said we’re not afraid to lose, but we want to put ourselves in a winning position and today we felt we could win or come close to winning.”

Despite England’s 94.2 times more laborious and strenuous work during the day, the versatile Stokes took only two of them. He has been managing a longstanding knee problem for some time and is increasingly having to split his tackles with the ball.

Here, he managed to hit two hard hits after tea, being warned for playing too many bouncers bowling, and he was off the ball and finished the spell after he finished it. Jack Leach made the much-needed breakthrough at the other extreme.

“Look, he has a knee giggle as we all know, fortunately the captain over there decides if he and he bowls,” Collingwood explained.

Stokesy was happy to go for other options and has a lot of confidence in his team and other bowlers. It was a beautiful day. Yes, he’s left it a bit short a few times, so that’s his only caveat out there. If he goes to this plan again, he will have to be careful.”

Having won all of their last four games against the Black Caps last year, England imposed their own style on the reigning Test world champions, but were prepared for their belated resistance at the Basin Reserve.

“When you face a quality opponent, you expect them to fight hard, and that was one of those days,” Collingwood said.

“There will be days when it’s hard work and this is Test cricket. He arranged a match that could be a fascinating and a great Test match.”