Few Fate 2 players were missing the cutscene at the start of the new Season of Defiance story. It’s a shame, because without it, countless players would have lost their chance to hear Crowe, the beloved brooding character, refer to himself as “muscle.”

A cutscene that should play after players finish their first Defiant Battleground, sees us catch up with Amanda Holliday, the Last City’s shipwright, and Crowe. Unfortunately for Crowe, who surprises Amanda and your Guardian just as they clean up the fight, Amanda shoots and kills him, though he is resurrected by his Ghost moments later. The rest of the scene plays out with the growing tension between Amanda and Crowe, who became close friends before she learns that he killed her friend Cade-6 in a previous life during the events of the now closed Forsaken expansion.

The cutscene that appeared, at least for me, apparently did not appear for the masses of players after completing the Defiant Battleground mission in Season of Defiance. While most regular Destiny 2 players simply exit missions when they are defeated, many of the replies to the tweet above indicated that they were waiting for the countdown, which usually appears, only to have the scene not play. It would seem that many players had no idea about the cutscene they missed until they saw others talking about it online.

Considering the fact that the story between these two characters was put in the center at the beginning of the season, it’s safe to say that they can be an integral part of the rest of the season of defiance. Hopefully, over the next few months, players won’t miss any more cutscenes as the story unfolds.

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